'Sister Wives' Stars Christine and Robyn Brown Reunite at the Birth of Mykelti Padron's Twins

Christine and Robyn have been estranged since Christine divorced Kody Brown and moved away from the family.

Sister Wives stars Christine and Robyn Brown have put aside their differences in order to support Christine and Kody Brown's daughter, Mykelti Padron, at the recent birth of her twin sons, Archer and Ace Padron. 

The 26-year-old welcomed her second and third kids earlier this month with both her biological mom, Christine, and Robyn by her side. Mykelti's husband, Tony Padron, shared a photo of himself at the hospital, flanked by Christine and Robyn, writing, "Just want to Thank! Our Amazing Moms that came to help us . Y’all the best !! 🔥"

Mykelti Padron

Christine divorced Kody last year and left the plural marriage, including her sister wives Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. The messy split is currently playing out on season 17 of Sister Wives as Christine moved to Utah in a recent episode. 

"It's really hard to be optimistic when a bomb just went off and blew up all your hopes," Robyn said of Christine leaving the family in Sunday's episode. "The collateral damage will last for generations."

Mykelti has previously served as a peacekeeper between Christine and the rest of the Brown family. The mother of three has a close relationship with Robyn, who was present via Zoom for the birth of her first child, Avalon. She has referred to Kody's fourth wife as "Mom" and "Grandma" in recent episodes of the show. Mykelti was also responsible for getting the family together for a tense goodbye before Christine left for Utah. 

ET's Deidre Behar caught up with Christine last month where she talked about seeing Robyn and Kody at a baby shower for Mykelti ahead of her daughter giving birth to her twins. 

"I was a little bit not sure, but we're fine," Christine said of seeing her ex and Robyn again. "You know, it's hard, it's difficult, but we're hopefully going to be fine. I think I was optimistic that we were going to be besties, so I'm not quite sure about that, but we'll see."

Though she remains close with Janelle Brown, Christine noted that she's "requiring a bit of distance" from her other former sister wives. 

"I feel like I'm just starting to get to know me. And I really like me, and I want to keep it that way," she previously explained to ET. "And I also want to keep things easy emotionally since Truely is around me all the time. Right now everything's just going to stay as is with all of the relationships. We're not going to get any closer."