'SNL': Nick Jonas Gets Raunchy In Musical Sketch About Getting Aroused at a Bachelor Party -- Watch!

Nick Jonas on Saturday Night Live

The singer got hilariously graphic in a pre-taped musical sketch over the weekend.

Nick Jonas is getting raunchy. The Saturday Night Live guest host -- who also served as the night's musical guest -- appeared in a pre-taped sketch about a bunch of guys at a bachelor party who gleefully sing about getting aroused while hanging out.

The musical sketch began with a group of friends celebrating a bachelor party for their buddy Mickey (Beck Bennett). Jonas' character leads a toast before introducing two exotic dancers (Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner) as a surprise.

Soon after, Mickey breaks into song, crooning, "I'm going to marry the woman that I love, but first a tradition long spoken of, I've waited for this moment all of my life,  to get hard with my friends before I marry my wife."

"I love getting hard with my homies, boned up next to my pals," Jonas chimes in. "You only get one bachelor party, you might as well spend it aroused!"

This leads to the song's hilariously vulgar chorus, "Boner, boner, boner, oh boner next to my friends!"

The song generally continues the same from there, but it's clear that Jonas was down for anything during his debut hosting appearance.

The Voice coach also played himself in a sketch later in the night, appearing as a guest on the Dionne Warwick Talk Show.

Warwick (Ego Nwodim) asked Jonas a few somewhat random questions before holding up a picture of Jonas' wife, Priyanka Chopra.

"OK, last question, your wife looks like this," Warwick says, holding up the headshot. "Now show us your penis."

"I'm not going to do that," Jonas replies.

"OK, well thank you for being here," Warwick says, kicking him off the show.

All-in-all, Jonas proved to be a very game first-time host, who threw himself into every sketch of the evening.

Check out the video below for more highlights from this season of SNL.

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