Sofia Carson on Filming 'Descendants: The Royal Wedding' Without Cameron Boyce (Exclusive)

The 'Descendants' star opened up about how hard it was to film the special installment without the late actor.

Sofia Carson is opening up about filming Descendants: The Royal Wedding without the late Cameron Boyce. Carson told ET that the animated special is dedicated specifically to the fans.

"Our fans are just the most extraordinary in the world and they love this franchise, and it means so much to them, so this is really dedicated to them and it's an animated special," Carson told ET's Denny Director and Melicia Johnson.

And while it was extremely difficult to film the special without Boyce, Carson said she hopes fans feel connected to the characters and to the late actor.

"As you can imagine how incredibly difficult it was for us to do this without Cam," she said. "We just hope that when people watch this, they feel happy and they feel connected to the characters and of course, to our Cam."

Carson, Dove Cameron and many more of Boyce's friends and co-stars remembered him on the one-year anniversary of his death this past July.

The actress and singer shared two tribute posts, including a home video montage of moments with Boyce and a photo celebrating his life.

"To our angel, It’s been 365 days of missing you. And every day, we miss you a little more," Carson shared. "Not having you, hurts too much. But somehow, you still manage to light up our whole entire world. Our Cam. Our forever boy. Our sunshine wearing shoes. I miss you. So much. I love you. And I will love you. Forever."

In addition to Descendants: The Royal Wedding, Carson has been busy making new music. She told ET that her single, "Fool's Gold," is about a love story that feels "too good to be true."

"So 'Fool's Gold' is the beginning of a story I'm sharing with the world that starts at the beginning of love," Carson explained. "So, we meet a girl who's about to fall head first into a love that feels too good to be true. And the visual story is all about fire as you guys saw in the video, because she's in a way metaphorically playing with fire in the game of love."

Carson said she and the video's director, Hannah Lux Davis, used the theme of fire to tell a story that is "so personal" to the singer.

"The story that I'm telling is so personal, and we kind of created the narrative together," she said. "And used the theme of fire in a really fun way to portray a girl who is really fiery within and knows what she wants, but at the same time is also kind of, metaphorically playing with fire."

Carson's new single, "Fool's Gold," is out now.



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