Sofia Vergara's Ex Nick Loeb Cannot Use Their Embryos Without Her Consent, Court Rules

Sofia Vergara Nick Loeb
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A judge granted Vergara a permanent injunction in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Sofia Vergara's ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, will not be able to use the frozen embryos they created together without the actress' consent, the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled on Tuesday.

The judge granted Vergara a permanent injunction, ruling that the contract they signed with a Beverly Hills fertility clinic in 2013 is still valid. Vergara, 48 and Loeb, 45, were engaged from 2012 to 2014. Their years-long battle over the embryos has consisted of multiple lawsuits in both California and Louisiana, as Loeb attempted to take control of their embryos and implant them in a surrogate. 

ET has reached out to Loeb's legal team for comment.

Vergara, who has been married to actor Joe Manganiello since 2015, first spoke out about the lawsuit during a 2015 interview with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM channel. The interview came just weeks after Loeb sued Vergara over two frozen embryos that were created using his sperm and her eggs while they were still in a relationship. According to the lawsuit, the embryos were frozen six months prior to their split in 2014.

"There is a contract that he can't do anything," Vergara said. "We wrote what we wanted at the time. It's not like a contract [where] they give [it to] you right there the moment they're gonna take the eggs out -- no, they give you this in advance. You see it, you review it, and not only that, we did it two times. ... Two times and suddenly you want to change your mind?"

"What judge is going to say OK?" she added. "Even if it's life or not life, it's not what he signed at the moment. You know, you should have thought about all of that."

Vergara also explained at the time why she believed having a child with her ex would be far from ideal.

"More than a mother, [a child] needs a loving relationship of parents that, you know, get along, that don't hate each other,” she said. ”I don't hate him but obviously he has a problem with me. … I wouldn't imagine anyone saying to bring to the world kids that already have everything set up wrong for them. It'd be so selfish."

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