Soleil Moon Frye Says She's Taking Herself on Dates Following Divorce After 22 Years of Marriage (Exclusive)

The actress and Jason Goldberg announced their split in December 2020 after 22 years of marriage.

Soleil Moon Frye is dating after her divorce... but it's not what you think! ET's Matt Cohen spoke with the 46-year-old actress, and she revealed that she's been taking herself on dates since her 2020 split from Jason Goldberg, whom she was married to for 22 years.

"I'm dating myself. It's awesome," she told ET. "Here's what I've been doing lately, which is really beautiful. I have been taking myself on dates and doing self-love. That has been really where I've been at, which is amazing."

"I went on a date with myself the other day and I really love hanging out with me, so, I mean, it's amazing," Frye continued. "I don't talk back to myself... and if I do, nobody else gets in the middle of it. It's been really fun, actually. It's been a really beautiful journey of self-love."

In addition to taking herself on dates, Frye said she has conversations with herself in front of the mirror.

"[I say] affirmations [in order to] let go of so many of the... insecurities that bring us down," she said. "It's really having to reprogram that. I sit in the mirror and go, 'You are worthy. I love you.' It's great. The journey has been wild. I wouldn't change a thing about the journey."

Amid this time of change in her life, the Punky Brewster and Proud Family star said she feels "better than ever" and "so youthful in so many ways."

"[I feel] that rediscovery of spark that I used to associate with youth," she said. "As I've gained more self-confidence and realized my own self-worth, I feel like I have felt like a kid again in a lot of ways."

While all of her self-love has made her feel like a kid, Frye is also busy parenting four children of her own. She and Goldberg share Story, 6, Lyric, 8, Jagger, 14, and Poet, 17.

"My daughters are amazing. My sons are amazing," Frye gushed. "... My kids are so drawn towards the arts. My son, Lyric, is such a comedian and a rapper and all these different things. Jagger's an amazing performer. Poet is this incredible activist... My 14-year-old and I look so much alike that sometimes we'll bump into each other in the hall and we'll have the same expression and it feels like Freaky Friday."

"There's so many parts of ourselves that we get to see through our children," she added. "They're also so much their own people. I look at them and I'm just like, 'Oh I'm so proud of the incredible individuals that you're growing into.'"

One of the things she's most proud of is how all her kids are "such activists," something that really shines through during the holidays.

"We go drive downtown around the holidays and go bring food to the communities. That's been something that the kids and I have done for many years. It really is a wonderful experience for us to be able to share the holidays with others," Frye said. "The kids, they wrap up different pieces and things and we go and take it into different communities and and that's been a really special tradition that is one of our favorite things to do."

Given all Frye's love for her kids, keeping them happy and healthy is a top priority. With that in mind, she's partnered with GSK for their ASK2BSURE campaign, which seeks to raise awareness for meningitis B vaccine.

"It's been so incredible to be partnered with GSK and working on ASK2BSURE. I have been able to do it with my teenage daughter, Poet, which has been so amazing," Frye said. "When I learned about meningitis B I thought, like so many parents, that our kids get vaccinated when they're younger against meningitis. I did not realize that this was totally different."

The campaign -- go to for more info -- empowers parents of teens and young adults to start a discussion with their kids' doctor about meningitis B vaccination, which helps protect against meningitis, which is uncommon, but can be life-threatening. 

"Really this whole campaign has been about going and talking to your health care providers, having the conversation with your families and making the choice that's right for you," Frye said. "As parents, all we wanna do is do right by our kids. We wanna make the safest choices and make the right decisions, and I think so often we can become fearful. We have to be our family's advocates, so I love this idea that we ask to be sure, that we have this conversation, that we get this open dialogue."

"No matter where you come from, what your family is like, to be able to have these conversations as a family, I think, is really important," she continued. "... I think that it's really important to never forget to advocate for yourself and for your children... I think it's so great to have these conversations. I love that my daughters and I and my sons and I, that we get to have open dialogues in our house. I think communication is so key."