'Southern Charm': Kathryn Confronts Whitney After He Denies Hooking Up With Her! (Exclusive)

Kathryn Dennis of Bravo's 'Southern Charm.'

To kiss and tell, or not to kiss and tell?

That seems to be the question at hand on the next Southern Charm, and ET has your exclusive first look! Kathryn Dennis sits down with Whitney Sudler-Smith to discuss their alleged hookup. Kathryn says she and Whitney did the deed over the summer in Los Angeles (even going so far as to share details from the reported rendezvous, including that Whitney kept his glasses on the whole time!), while Whitney denies it ever happened.

"I went to coffee with Craig [Conover] and Austen [Kroll], and I assume you heard, it came out that, like, you and I hooked up this past summer, and they said that you denied it," Kathryn says. "So I was just curious, why?"

Whitney quickly clears his throat before telling Kathryn, "We have a different interpretation of events," but adds that he’s "flattered" at the insinuation.

"Are you serious?" she fires back. "You’re lying! I’m just saying, it’s being talked about. It would be better for you to just say, ‘It happened. So what?’ And leave it at that."

Watch the moment play out here:

Whitney continues to deny getting busy with Kathryn, even in his confessional when a producer pushes him on the subject.

"I’ve said all I have to say on the matter," he tells the producer.

"I’ve had people lie that they’ve had sex with me, but I’ve never had anyone deny that they’ve had sex with me," Kathryn remarks in her own interview.

ET sat down with Kathryn and Whitney’s mother, Patricia Altschul, ahead of the season, where they played coy on the subject.

"This is what Whitney told me," Patricia shared. "He said, 'I love Kathryn, we’re good friends, but a southern gentleman would never discuss what he does with a lady.'"

"You’re talking about consenting adults," she added. "So, who cares? My question is, who cares?"

See more in the video below. Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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