'Southern Charm's Cameran Eubanks Reveals Her Husband Will Finally Appear on the Show! (Exclusive)

The 'Southern Charm' star fills ET in on her husband’s change of heart about filming and her life as a mom.

Southern Charm fans are about to see something they’ve never seen before: Cameran Eubanks’ husband!

"There’s a little surprise coming," Cameran teases ET. "Jason makes a cameo this season. I wore him down. Jason is a very private, very quiet person, and I convinced him to come to a group event, and I told him there would be a lot of people. You know, it’s not going to be focused on you. So, I think it actually calmed his nerves and he actually shows up to something. So the viewers will get to see my husband."

Cameran tied the knot with Dr. Jason Wimberly back in 2014, between seasons one and two of the Bravo hit. Jason has never appeared on screen on the series, only via phone call audio. Cameran has always said Jason avoided filming for the show because of his work as an anesthesiologist. As she put it, no one wants to see the guy who puts them to sleep for surgery out partying; it was purely a professional decision.

"My husband is a super fan of Bravo, in general, and Southern Charm," she shares. "He loves it, that’s a big misconception, ‘He doesn’t support the show, he must hate it.’ He loves it, so I think he was a little excited, now that it’s become successful, to be a part of it. He’s riding my coattails."

Cameran is just joking, of course. Jason will only make one appearance on the show this season, sometime in the last batch of episodes. The couple’s daughter, Palmer, however, has already made numerous appearances. The pair welcomed their little girl in November of 2017, but season six is the first season that fans are getting to see Cameran in full "mom mode."

ET met up with the reality star inside Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant department store just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, to learn all about her life as a mom.

"It is so untrue that you can have it all as a mom," the 35-year-old admits. "You really can’t. You just have to find balance. You’ll see me trying to do that [this season]."

Cameran is balancing her marriage, motherhood, a social life and a career. She’s an award-winning real estate agent in Charleston, though she notes her career took a major hit once she became a mom.

"I think when you have a child, as a woman, it’s kind of screwed up," she laments. "Society typically tells us it’s the man who works and provides for the family, and the woman is either gonna go back to work and you’re going to put your kid in daycare, or you’re going to stay home with her. With real estate, I had to put it on the back burner to take care of Palmer, because I was so crazy about leaving her in the care of anybody else and it’s very hard, it’s very hard to have to make a choice as to what is more important to you."

Cameran maintains that she is "one and done" when it comes to kids, especially after realizing how much time parenting takes.

"Something always has to give, and for me, it was giving up a lot of my personal time, my alone time," she says. "I lived a pretty cushy life before I had Palmer, not saying I still don’t. But I had a lot more ‘me time,’ I was much more of a selfish person. When you have a kid, you are forced to be unselfish."

"You become extremely vulnerable as a parent," she continues. "You, for the first time in your life, understand and know unconditional love. But at the same time, it can be debilitating because you worry non-stop, god forbid something happens to this child, I would completely lose it. It makes you very, very vulnerable."

Cameran says she’s seen that vulnerability trickle into all aspects of her life, including into her interactions with her Southern Charm co-stars.

"I think being a mom and having a child, I’ve really learned what my priorities are, so I don’t have time for bulls**t," she notes. "I don’t waste my time with friendships or situations that will be detrimental to my health."

Watch as Cameran navigates those tricky situations every week on Southern Charm, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on the current season of the show, check out the video and links below.


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