The 'Southern Charm' Season 6 Trailer Is Here -- Watch!

The cast of 'Southern Charm' season six.
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

Kathryn Dennis, Patricia Altschul, Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks and the rest of the gang are all back for more drama… and more Ashley!

She’s baaaaack!

Southern Charm serves up the biggest "surprise, b***h" moment since American Horror Story, as the full cast’s sworn enemy, Ashley Jacobs, returns to stir things up in the season six trailer. Yes, Thomas Ravenel’s on-and-off girlfriend pops up unannounced not once, but twice in the first look -- and she’s going after Patricia Altschul! Ashley’s mission is unclear, though one could assume she’s coming around to clear Thomas’ name. The 56-year-old former politician is not featured on the new season; this comes after multiple accusations of sexual assault were leveled against him last year. Thomas has denied any wrongdoing.

"Patricia, the truth will come out!" Ashley scoffs, confronting Patricia in front of a group at some sort of party before security escorts her out of the building. Cameras then follow Ashley outside, where she claims that Cameran Eubanks “pushed me so hard” before announcing that she’s calling the police.

"I mean, I just hope that we’re all not subpoenaed to go and have to talk about all this s**t," Cameran then quips in a confessional.

This all appears to play out after Ashley’s first drop-in, where Cam seemingly took a bullet for the group, sitting down to have a heated conversation with her over her past behavior, specifically Ashley’s treatment of Thomas’ ex, Kathryn Dennis.

"You called Kathryn an egg donor!" Cameran shouts. Watch the moment play out in the trailer here:

There’s more Thomas drama in the form of his custody agreement with Kathryn. The former couple shares two children, and in one scene, Kathryn cries to Craig Conover over Thomas’ pending legal issues. Thomas was arrested and charged with assault and battery in September 2018.

"If he goes to jail, I’ll be a single mom," she says through tears. "It’s just overwhelming."

Kathryn’s drama doesn’t stop with Thomas. She also appears to have a falling out with once-close pal Danni Baird, and Austen Kroll claims Kathryn and her former fling, Patricia’s son, Whitney Sudler Smith, have started hooking up again!

Speaking of Austen, viewers will get to see his relationship with girlfriend Madison LeCroy play out onscreen for the first time. This, of course, complicates his relationship with Chelsea Meissner… who goes after Austen’s bestie, Craig Conover, in one moment from the trailer, shouting, "You need to check your goddamn pants for a vagina, ‘cause you’re being a p***y!"

Other highlights from the trailer include the group calling Shep Rose out for turning into a "huge f**king a**hole again," Craig’s ex Naomi Olindo bringing her new relationship with Dr. Metul Shah to the show and the introduction of a new full-time cast member, Eliza Limehouse. Oh, and Patricia goes through a McDonald’s drive-thru… in a Bentley.

Southern Charm returns to Bravo on Wednesday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET.