Stacey Dash Breaks Down in Tears After Learning About DMX's Death 1 Year Later

The rapper died at the age of 50 in April 2021.

Stacey Dash shared a video of herself getting emotional after learning that rapper DMX died -- a year later. On Wednesday, the 55-year-old Clueless actress posted a TikTok video on her Instagram account next to a caption that read, “I was strolling through #tiktok and found a #DMX song that has saved me many times. Suddenly it says #RIP i know I am late, i did not know he passed away, he #OD I am heartbroken - he was such a great guy. #devestated #staceydash #fyp #sober.” 

In the video, Dash holds the camera up while she records herself crying. “OK, y’all, I’m ashamed. I didn’t know,” she says through tears. “I didn’t know DMX died.” 

In the video, Dash continues to wipe away tears as she shares her sobriety journey. “I am today, six years and one month clean, it breaks my heart, he lost to it, he lost to that demon of addition. Please, please don’t lose,” she says.  

DMX, whose real name was Earl Simmons, died at the age of 50 on April 9, 2021. At the time, his family released a statement confirming his death -- after he was taken off life support -- days after being found unresponsive in his home. Prior to his death, the rapper was open about his struggles with substance abuse. 

Dash has been open about her own substance abuse issues. In 2021, she revealed on the Dr. Oz Show that there was a point where she took 18-20 pills a day. When Oz noted that taking that many Vicodin a day is "expensive," Dash responded, "Yeah, I lost everything." 

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Following the sit-down, Dash reflected on her journey in a Facebook post. "I thank the Lord for being able to say that I have grown more over the last 5 years than I have in my entire life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who have loved and supported me through my most challenging time," she wrote. "Thank you all! I encourage anyone who has a story they are scared of telling to share it with the world. You never know who will be able to relate to you and who it can help."