'Star Trek Discovery' Cast Recalls Most Passionate Fan Encounters (Exclusive)

Season two of the CBS All Access series premiered Thursday night!

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery is overwhelmed by the love they get from fans!

On Thursday, ET caught up with the actors at their second season premiere as they gushed about their fan encounters while also giving a hint of what viewers can expect from the sci-fi show's sophomore season.

Anson Mount, a new addition to the second season of the CBS All Access series, stars as Captain Christopher Pike, a role that was originated by the late Jeffrey Hunter. For Mount, getting support from Hunter's son, Chris, was all the validation he needed for the role.

"Chris Hunter came to Comic Con just to meet me and tell me that his father would've approved and that meant and -- I'm almost getting choked up talking about it -- that meant so, so, so much," he said. "And Chris, if you're watching, thank you. I wish you were here. We made sure to introduce him at our panel at Comic Con. Without a doubt, there's no second place, that was the most incredible moment."


Anthony Rapp's favorite fan encounter came during the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, when a man credited the show with saving his friend's life.

"There was one person in particular who literally said it had saved his friend's life," Rapp, who plays Paul Stamets on the series, told ET. "That his friend was having some suicidal thoughts, and he took his friend and he sat him down and he watched. He said, 'Let's take you through some of these episodes that talk about really deep, personal things and it just helped ground him and really saved his life.'"

"To be witnessing part of something that does that for people is really overwhelming," he added.

Likewise, Sonequa Martin-Green's most memorable fan experience came when learning how the series made a man reevaluate his own upbringing.

"I met a white man in England and he stopped me at a convention and he said, 'I come from a very racist family, very, very racist. I watched all of season one and I didn't even realize you were black until the end,'" Martin-Green, who plays Michael Burnham, said. "And he didn't mean that he didn't see my color -- 'cause we have to see each others' differences and love because of them -- but he meant, 'I saw myself in you completely.'"

"He said, 'The journey I went on really changed me and now I feel like I can teach my kids and I can finally break the cycle of racism in my family," she continued. "I started crying, of course. He was like, 'Oh I didn't mean to make you cry.' And I was like, 'Are you kidding me? That's the most amazing thing.'"

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On a less serious note, Doug Jones -- Star Trek: Discovery's Saru -- especially appreciates when fans show their support through permanent body ink.

"When someone comes up with a tattoo and is like, 'This is your character,' I'm like, 'That's for the rest of your life!'" Jones marveled. "That's a huge compliment, if you're taking up that much real estate on somebody's skin because of something you did. I love it. I love it." 

"Now I have to put that person behind the lens of the camera when I'm playing in the show, like, 'It's all for you baby,'"  he quipped.

With all the fan praise it's no surprise fans are itching to learn more about season two. While Mount said the "serialized" nature of the show will make it "all bit closer to the original Star Trek," Martin-Green focused on how the first and second seasons of their own show differ.

"It was very comprehensive, but it was very fast. It had to [be] because we were at war, so things were moving at breakneck speed," she said of season one. "Now, the war is over and we have a moment to slow down and to take a breath and even a sigh of relief and smile and really look at what's left behind. Really question -- who we are, and what we've done, and who we are to each other. So we get to dig into so many things. It's so bright, but so much deeper and rawer, but there's delight."

"If we took off running with season one, we have now taken flight with season two," she added.

Star Trek: Discovery airs Thursdays on CBS All Access: