'Station 19' Sneak Peek: This Andy and Ryan Flashback Will Break Your Heart (Exclusive)

Is Ryan going to survive the gunshot? Actor Alberto Frezza previews Thursday's big episode with ET.

Watched Thursday's episode of Station 19? Read what star Alberto Frezza had to say about Ryan's devastating fate in his spoiler-filled interview.

Is Ryan Tanner going to make it?

Station 19 left off on quite a shocking cliffhanger in last week's episode when Andy's best friend and on-again/off-again lover, Ryan, returned to Seattle to make amends and potentially rekindle their romance. But a gun that was improperly stored suddenly was in the possession of a 3-year-old, who accidentally fired the fateful shot, possibly mortally wounding Ryan -- though we really, really hope not.

"The thing is, any kind of wound that comes from a bullet is always life-threatening. And we all know that a bullet that enters one part of the body probably ricochets and moves around, so we don't really know how much damage is going on with Ryan's body," Station 19 star Alberto Frezza, who plays the former Seattle police officer, teases to ET. "He's in a very difficult situation at the moment, but then again, not very much time passed since Pruitt came back, put him on the gurney and took him out, so hopefully time is on his side."

"But," the 30-year-old Italian-born actor cautions, "he did lose a lot of blood. It does not look good."

While Ryan's fate will be addressed in Thursday's episode, ominously titled "Eulogy," there will be flashbacks to happier, less dire times. In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the flashback-heavy hour, it's eight years earlier when a barely legal Andy and Ryan are happily enjoying a romantic moment looking up at the stars one evening when their futures were bright and without complications. There will also be illuminating flashbacks to conversations shared between Ryan and Pruitt.

"Ryan and Andy loved spending time looking at the stars and spending time with each other, looking back to past memories that they went through and thinking about their future together. I think that that's one of the things that really solidifies their relationship is in those little moments that they spent together doing those things," Frezza says. "These flashbacks will show us why these characters are so close and the kinds of things that they got caught doing when they weren't supposed to be doing those things. It really makes their relationship more clear and their history more clear as well."

But before Ryan was shot, he made a surprising declaration to Andy that rocked her to her core, in part because she wasn't expecting to hear those three important words: "I love you." 

"I think he decided that being away from Andy wasn't what he wanted and he made the decision of going back and trying to get her back because that's truly what he wants. Absolutely," Frezza says of Ryan's intentions. "Even that conversation in the kitchen, it's always been like that. He was tired of the cat-and-mouse game that they were playing with each other. They were together and then they were not and then one person wants to be together and the other isn't available. So he decided that he was going to put a stop to that by opening his heart up and saying the things that they hadn't been saying to each other for a long time. He was trying to be an adult."

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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