'Station 19': Jaina Lee Ortiz Teases Andy's 'Messy' Love Life in Season 3 (Exclusive)

Station 19

It's about to get even messier for Andy Herrera on Station 19.

In the season three premiere, the firehouse lieutenant was forced by Captain Robert Sullivan, her on-again/off-again love interest, to take "sick leave" after her insubordinate behavior over the past several weeks began to affect her performance and her influence on others at 19. Not to mention the tension between Andy and Sullivan, who rejected her in favor of forthcoming promotions in the aftermath of Ripley's death.

On Thursday's episode of Station 19, titled "Indoor Fireworks," Andy -- still reeling from being benched by the captain -- is forced to contend with the sudden appearance of an old friend (and lover), Ryan, which throws everything on its head. A surprising declaration on Ryan's part, in the midst of an unexpected medical emergency at her apartment building, muddies everything up for Andy even more, especially in the romance department.

"It's going to be not only exciting, but very shocking and surprising," leading lady Jaina Lee Ortiz told ET recently at ABC's winter Television Critics Association press tour party of the interwoven Grey's Anatomy-Station 19 storylines this year. "Fans are going to love the cross-contamination of the characters even more, even more from season one and season two. Audiences are definitely going to be very surprised. It's current. It's real. It's relatable and it will resonate with the audience."

ET caught up with Ortiz to get a status check on Andy's state of mind ahead of the latest episode, if she sees Andy's roller-coaster romance with Sullivan overcoming all odds and more.

ET: There's a lot going on with Andy, especially her rocky romance with Sullivan. Has the path of that relationship surprised you?

Jaina Lee Ortiz: It wasn't surprising at first, but what's coming up for Andy and Sullivan is complicated and exciting and raw and messy and real and complicated. They are trying to co-exist at work. It's very difficult when you are having a relationship with someone you're in love with at your workplace. I think also the traumatic, life-altering events bring them closer and you're going to definitely see more of that in season three.

Do you see them as a long-term thing?

I would love to see them more long-term. Given the fact that Andy has had a lot of fun with Jack and Ryan, and in her own right, she's entitled to that. But I would love to see something deeper and meaningful with Sullivan because I think the connection that they have is unique. Although she wants to fall deeper in that relationship, she also wants to succeed in her job. And I feel like he can be a force that will guide her there faster. I mean, who knows?

Andy's father, Pruitt, is hiding a serious secret about his cancer coming back. How devastated do you think Andy is going to be?

So devastating! We don't know whether he's going to keep that information from her or tell her, so it's very sad and it's scary, but it's also very real because it happens in life. A lot of firefighters deal with chronic illnesses from the job, depression and PTSD, so I hope that whatever happens, they work through it. But yeah, it will be shocking. That's all I have to say.

Could this add to the schism that's already formed between father and daughter?

Absolutely. I feel like when the characters go through that, we have so many situations where we're forced to be upfront and real with each other. The constant confrontation, the constant drama and real-life situations that occur inside and outside of the station, it really brings incredible drama for the audience. If it was perfect, it wouldn't be interesting to watch.

What are Andy's thoughts on Vic's new relationship with Avery?

I'm not sure if she's fully aware, but I think that it happens. I think that she can definitely connect to that situation because she's in it herself. It's fun, the firefighter and a doctor. That's sexy.

Is Andy done romantically with Jack?

Andy, I would say, is definitely done with Jack. I would also want to share with you that they're able to build a friendship in this next season and you'll be surprised where it takes them.

And also Ryan? Is she done with him?

The situation with Ryan is not done. It's very open-ended and we'll definitely see more about that.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

To watch Station 19 star Boris Kodjoe on the ET set, watch the exclusive video below.

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