Stephen Colbert Flirts With Wife Evie in Cute 'Role Playing' Sketch

'I'm not afraid to say, I'm turned on,' the 'Late Show' host quips.

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging on, many late-night show hosts are having to rely on their family for help with some of their popular segments. That's what happened to Late Show host Stephen Colbert on Thursday during his "First Drafts" sketch. 

The 56-year-old comedian called in his wife, Evie, to help read out some disastrous first drafts of holiday cards. 

"You, miss, you, miss, right there. Lovely to meet you. What's your name?" he quipped to his wife, who was sitting right next to his desk. 

"Evelyn Colbert," she replied slyly, giving Stephen an eyebrow raise. 

"I'm not afraid to say, I'm turned on," Stephen joked as Evie laughed. "This is role playing, when we introduce each other. Hi, I'm Stephen. Let's find out where this goes." 

He then asked Evie if she was familiar with "First Drafts" and she jokingly replied, "I've seen the show."

"Are you a fan?" Stephen asked as Evie nodded. "You should be. It paid for those rings."

He then inquired what she wants for Christmas and she said a vaccine and a "well-trained dog."

"Quicker to get you a vaccine," Stephen joked of their family's dog. "Benny is fantastic, but he needs love on his own terms, like most men." 

Stephen declared he wants a cotton candy machine, but his wife shook her head, saying, "Too messy."

This isn't the first time the couple has flirtatiously appeared on The Late Show together amid the pandemic. Back in May, Stephen interviewed Evie about their Mother's Day plans

"I am a little nervous to have you on here," Stephen admitted to his wife at the time. "I want this to be a good experience for you!" 


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