Steve Carell Admits Kids Haven't Seen Most of His Films: 'They're Not Very Impressed With Me' (Exclusive)

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Steve Carell has produced some of the most comedic characters of the 21st century... just tell that to his kids! 

ET's Courtney Tezeno sat down with Carell while promoting his new film, Last Flag Flying, in theaters Nov. 3, and while the role is a serious one, the 55-year-old actor admits his children, aged 13 and 16, still haven't seen his raunchier roles.

"They don't really watch anything I've done," he says with a laugh. "I'm just Dad. I'm not like this actor or anything."

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But while they're not familiar with the genius that is Michael Scott on The Office, Carell does note that his youngest may be moving in that direction!

"My son just started watching Parks and Rec," he shares. "He loves it, and it's certainly akin to The Office. So he's moving in that direction but ... They're not very impressed by me."

We find that hard to believe, Steve!

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Speaking of the iconic NBC comedy, Steve also explains why he wouldn't be back for any possible revival of The Office, despite the place it holds in his heart.

"I kind of don't want to do it because I love the show so much. I just want it to be remembered as the way people remembered it," he explains. "People that liked the show originally would want it to come back the way it was ...  But that could never happen."

Completely fair point.

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In the meantime, Carell is focused on the work ahead of him -- and getting his daughter off to college.

"She's excited about it. It's a big step," he shares of his daughter preparing for college, noting that she's not sure where she wants to go yet. "She's keeping her options open."

As for what she may do after, Carell says he and wife Nancy would support their kids in whatever they choose.

"Whatever they want to do," he says. "We'd support them whatever career they'd want to choose. I'd never dissuade them from anything."

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Such a good dad!

Watch the video below for more of what Carell told ET about a potential Office reunion party.

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