Steve Carell Reveals That a Fan Hit Him With Her Car

Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Carell
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The 'Beautiful Boy' star also explained how he learned to wear high heels for his latest role.

Steve Carell has a very unique relationship with one of his fans!

This week, he visited Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to promote his new film, Welcome to Marwen, where he admitted that, while out biking recently, a fan actually hit him with her car.

“I was riding and it was a pretty fast road,” the 56-year-old explained. “And I made a turn and I didn’t see the car behind me, and they hit me from behind. And so I went up over the handlebars and I -- It’s a weird experience because everything just slowed down. And I thought, ‘Well, I’m gonna tuck and roll,’ and I rolled. And I got up and I was fine.”

“And the woman who was driving the car jumped out. She was distraught, obviously. And I went over to her,” he continued. “And my bike was sort of stuck under the front of the car and she says, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! It’s Steve Carell! And she was so excited that she hit me.”

After sharing this story, the daytime talk show host decided to gift him some items to ensure this doesn’t happen again. She offered him a helmet and a vest, both covered in lights and reflectors.

“No one is gonna hurt you now,” the 60-year-old TV personality playfully said as she helped him put on the items.

While on hand, Carell also discussing preparing for his role in Welcome to Marwen, in which he plays an artist who was beaten to within an inch of his life, causing him memory loss and serious trauma and inspiring him to create a doll installation in his backyard as a form of therapy. 

His character was beaten after admitting to men at a bar that he is a cross-dresser. This meant that Carell needed to believably wear high heels in the film, which he admitted to DeGeneres is “the most difficult thing he’s ever done for a movie.”

“[It’s] one thing walking in them, it’s another thing looking like you feel comfortable in them,” he explained. 

“I don’t know why women wear them,” DeGeneres responded. “It’s so uncomfortable. And they’re like, ‘It elongates your legs.’ It’s like, ‘So what? I don’t care.’”

“I did look great in them,” Carell joked.

Welcome to Marwen arrives in theaters on Dec. 21.

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