Steve Harvey Says He Doesn't Want to Host the Oscars Because They'll 'Dig Up My Past' (Exclusive)

The Miss Universe host does not want to fill Kevin Hart's shoes.

Steve Harvey is not down to host the Oscars.

ET caught up with the 61-year-old comedian ahead of his hosting gig at the Miss Universe competition in Bangkok, Thailand, on Friday and he shut down any speculation that he'd fill Kevin Hart's shoes on the Oscars stage.

"Oh no, I can't host the Oscars," he insisted. "Hell, if they won't let Kevin Hart host the Oscars, how the hell are they going to let me host the Oscars?"

"I don’t want to host the Oscars because I don’t want them digging up my past," he joked.

Harvey's comments come after Hart stepped down from the hosting role following public outcry when past homophobic tweets were recirculated.

Though the Oscars may not be in Harvey's future, he is overjoyed to host Miss Universe, despite announcing the wrong winner's name in 2015, during his first time hosting the competition.

"Who wouldn't want this on your resume? It's a great gig," he said. "Other than the first time I did it, it's been a great experience, you know?"

Though Harvey isn't interested in the Oscars job, Ken Jeong wouldn't turn it down! Jeong spoke to ET Live following Whoopi Goldberg's declaration that he'd be her pick for the gig.

"I was just so flattered that Whoopi had even said that," Jeong said earlier this week. "I honestly don't even think about it except I'm so flattered to be thought of."

Jeong went on to add that he'd "be happy to be a part of it in any way possible."

The 2018 Miss Universe competition airs live Dec. 16 from Bangkok, Thailand, at 7 p.m. ET on Fox.