Steve Martin Says He Won't Pursue Other Acting Roles After 'Only Murders in the Building'

The actor says he's 'weirdly' winding down.

Steve Martin's time in Hollywood is winding down. The legendary actor told The Hollywood Reporter that, after starring in his Hulu series Only Murders in the Building, he's done seeking out TV shows, movies and even cameos.

In the new cover story for the publication, the 76-year-old opened up about his acting future while discussing his latest live show, You Won't Believe What They Look Like Today!, starring him and his longtime pal Martin Short.

"We were very happy just doing the live show," Martin said. "There may be a natural end to that -- somebody gets sick, somebody just wears out -- but I wouldn't do it without Marty. when this television show is done, I'm not going to seek others. I'm not going to seek other movies. I don't want to do cameos. This is, weirdly, it."

While Martin says he's winding down, the actor's never been busier, frankly. In addition to his live show (with tour dates through October), his critically acclaimed Hulu series (nominated for 17 Primetime Emmys), Martin is also set to soon publish his 12th book, Number One Is Walking: My life in the Movies and Other Diversions, and an Apple TV+ documentary about his life is also in the works. Whew. 

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

With so much on his plate, it's no wonder Martin's wife of 15 years, Anne Stringfield, doesn't believe him when he brings up the dreaded "R" word. 

"My wife keeps saying, 'You always say you're going to retire and then you always come up with something,'" Martin tells THR. I'm really not interested in retiring. I'm not. But I would just work a little less. Maybe."

As for why he says he's done looking for TV or film projects and even cameos, perhaps one needs look no further than the life he's built at home. Martin and Stringfield share a 9-year-old daughter who attends school in Manhattan. And when he was kicking the tires back in 2019 for the show that would become Only Murders in the Building, Martin agreed to act in the series on several conditions -- including that Martin Short also had to star in the series and that filming would have to take place in New York so he'd be home every night by 6 p.m.

"I have a family life that's really fun," Martin shared. "To film a movie now, to go someplace else to live, I'm not willing to do that anymore. I can't disappear for three months."