Stormi Tells Kylie Jenner to Be Quiet While Watching ‘Frozen 2’

The 2-year-old cutie told her billionaire mom to 'shhh.'

Stormi Webster just told her billionaire mommy to pipe down! The 2-year-old daughter of Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott was screening Frozen 2 for the first time when her reality star mom made the mistake of interrupting the film. 

"So we're watching Frozen 2 for the first time, and she's really into it because I just turned to tell her I love her," Kylie explained in an Instagram Story video. "I said, 'Stormi I love you, you love me?' And she said, 'Shhhh, mommy!' I was in shock. She's never done that before. You told me to 'shhh'! She obviously really loves this movie."

Not only did Stormi try to quiet her mom, but she also ended up using her as a foot rest as she reclined in bed, while a disgruntled Kylie looked at the camera. 

Stormi has been showing several toddler tendencies lately. Kylie recently shared a cute video of her daughter running around her legs shouting, "Hi, Kylie!" as the makeup mogul tried to get her to call her "Mommy." 

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