'Stranger Things' Animated Series Ordered at Netflix

The untitled spinoff series is inspired by the childhood cartoons the Duffer Brothers watched as kids.

The Stranger Things universe is expanding with an animated spinoff series ahead of the flagship's final season.

The untitled animated series will be set in the Stranger Things world and will be developed by the Duffer Brothers, Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen and Eric Robles, it was announced Monday.

According to the Duffer Brothers, the new series was inspired by childhood cartoons they watched as kids.

“We’ve always dreamed of an animated Stranger Things in the vein of the Saturday morning cartoons that we grew up loving, and to see this dream realized has been absolutely thrilling," the Duffer Brothers said in a statement. "We couldn’t be more blown away by what Eric Robles and his team have come up with -- the scripts and artwork are incredible, and we can’t wait to share more with you! The adventure continues…”

News of the Stranger Things animated series comes as the fifth and final season approaches.

"I know a little bit about where it's headed and it's really exciting," star David Harbour told ET in September 2022, "but you'll see it in another 15 years when it's able to be released when we've shot it." 

Millie Bobby Brown said in a recent interview with Seventeen that she is "very ready to say goodbye" to the series after first joining it when she was 12 years old.

"I'm definitely ready to wrap up. I feel like there's a lot of the story that's been told now, and we know of it, it's been in our lives for a very long time," she told the teen magazine. "But I'm very ready to say goodbye to this chapter of my life and open new ones. I'm able to create stories myself that are important to me and focus on the bigger picture. But I'm really grateful [for that show]."