'Succession' Actor James Cromwell Glues Himself To Starbucks Counter In Animal Rights Protest

James Cromwell
Tara Ziemba/Getty Images

The Oscar-nominated actor joined PETA in a protest against Starbuck's up-charge for non-dairy milk.

Succession actor James Cromwell is sticking close to his mission for animal rights! On Tuesday, the 82-year-old actor joined a protest put on by members of PETA, and super glued his hand to a counter at a Starbucks in New York City.

The Oscar-nominated actor wore a black Peta t-shirt that read “Free the Animals” as he walked into the establishment with other protestors who held signs to protest the chain's up-charge for non-dairy milk. 

Cromwell and another protestor sat on the counter while the employees worked in the background, with their hands glued to the surface. In a video, the actor gives a brief speech.

“Non-dairy products all over the world, France, they give these things away. There’s no charge for it,” he said in a clip of the protest which was streamed by PETA. “Here, there’s an exorbitant charge. Why, when it’s so important now to address climate change and to understand the violence to animals to go on to make dairy products that are served here? There’s no reason for it except greed.” 

Cromwell then went on to reach into his pocket and pull out a piece of paper, where he read off numbers allegedly connecting the charge of non-dairy milk to the amount of money the company’s CEO was able to make in his retirement.  

Cromwell and the group were in the store for around 30 minutes before the police were called and asked them to leave. Upon the police’s arrival, the actor was able to unglue his hand and walk out of the store.  

The actor has been passionate about animal rights since the ‘70s. Cromwell became a vegan in 1995 after working on the film Babe, and working closely with a lot of animals.  

Similarly, his character in Succession, Ewan Roy, is also an environmental rights activist.