'Summer House': Ciara's Unexpected Confession Leaves Her in Tears (Exclusive)

Ciara Miller tears up on Bravo's 'Summer House.'

In ET's 'Summer House' sneak peek, Ciara Miller unexpectedly lets Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo in on a private pain from her life.

First, Ciara Miller's love of her cat bonded the Summer House newbie with housemate Hannah Berner. Now, that love is unintentionally bringing her closer to Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo. In ET's sneak peek at the next all-new episode, the ladies lay out by their Hamptons pool and Ciara laments about missing her cat -- but her new friends mishear the confession as "dad." Ciara quickly corrects the pair, then shares a flood of personal details about her strained relationship with her father. 

"I, like, don't... I think I talk to my dad, like, once every couple weeks, maybe three or four weeks? Like maybe once a month," she reveals. "After my parents got divorced, he moved back to Charlotte, [North Carolina]. We stayed in Atlanta and, like, me and my dad went through a rough period, where we didn't talk to each other, like, all throughout high school. My dad got remarried, like, the summer of me going into high school. I don't get along with his current wife. It's just kinda, like, really put a strain on our relationship ... 'cause I was like a big daddy's girl."

"I always cry," the model/nurse adds, tearing up. "We've tried to resolve it and I just don't think he ever sees my point in the relationship."

Paige attempts to comfort her new pal, telling her, "Dads are stubborn and think they're always right."

"It's like he knows I'm an adult, but he doesn't always respect my opinions as an adult," Ciara shares. "I just wish it was different." 

Check out the unexpected emotional moment here: 

"I still had a really good relationship with my dad after the divorce," Ciara goes on to divulge in a confessional. "But he remarried when I was 14. My dad asked me if I liked her and I told him, no, and me and my sister got uninvited to the wedding and that turned into four years of not talking. His relationship with her was more important that us."

"I feel like for a girl, your first love really is your dad," Paige tells Ciara, a sentiment to which she fully agrees -- and which sends her into full waterworks, not just tears. 

See where things go from here on the next episode of Summer House, airing Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.