‘Summer House’: Hannah and Ciara Confront Luke Over Some Shady Behavior (Exclusive)

Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson have an awkward conversation on 'Summer House.'

In ET's 'Summer House' sneak peek, Hannah Berner is looking for answers about her relationship with Luke Gulbranson.

At the heart of Summer House season 5's first couple of episodes seems to be one question: Is Luke Gulbranson a f**kboy or nah? Hannah Berner takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of that question in episode 2, and ET has your exclusive first look! Hannah sits down with Luke and Ciara Miller, Luke's maybe girlfriend/the group's new house mate, to get some clarity on her own relationship with Luke. It's come to Hannah's attention that Luke was talking to both her and Ciara last summer, with each woman feeling like they were in an almost-relationship with the hockey coach/model.

"So I’m trying to understand, like, obviously it’s… you have two girls in the house who you’ve had a thing with," Hannah tells Luke. "How many girls were you talking to last summer? Like, actually?"

"Last summer, you're the one who sat me down and was like, 'I’m smitten with you. I have feelings for you. I want you to come to Minnesota with me,'" she continues after Luke sort of side-steps her first question. "I'm talking to your mom, I’m meeting your sister, I’m meeting all your friends, we’re spending every night together, you’re calling me two times a day."

"I spent a summer with you, and had a great time and there was an awesome connection," Luke responds, "and I love you dearly, and you know that. I wasn't trying to play you."

"You were also talking to me, too…" Ciara interjects, "and painting the picture that you did want to rekindle things, if that’d be the word."

"I mean, I’ve always been attracted to you and liked you, and I told you the reason why in the past for me it was hard," Luke says, with Hannah cutting in and asking, "How many girls do you tell that to? 'Cause you tell the same stuff to me."

"Hannah, we never dated," Luke declares, shocking the Berning in Hell host and leaving eavesdroppers Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo gobsmacked. "We were never a couple. We’ve had this conversation numerous times. But to this day I still flirt and have fun with you, because that’s our relationship."

Watch the awkward exchange here:

"That could really f**k a girl up!" Hannah fires back. "I wanted to have fun with you, and instead you wasted my time…"

"OK, I wasted your time?" Luke scoffs. "OK, cool. Choose your words wisely. 'Wasted your time.'"

"You're calling me every day," a tearful Hannah lets out, which Luke quickly cuts down with, "Hannah, we're friends."

"Friends do not lie to each other," Hannah goes on to tell Luke. "Friends would tell me if you’re talking to each other people, and you f**king come here and rub her in my face to make me feel bad?"

When ET spoke with Hannah ahead of the season 5 premiere, she cautioned that viewers should prepare to see Luke without the rose-colored glasses she saw him through last summer.

"Obviously I wasn't thinking that Luke was ever gonna be trustworthy from how he acted last summer, but I didn’t understand the extent of it," she teased. "It gets hard to have fun when you learn the truth about stuff."

Hannah says she and Ciara compared "enlightening" notes about their Luke experiences, and it’ll all unfold on screen.

"I'm not one to immediately blame the girl when something happens or if there's timelines crossing," she adds of bonding with her would-be romantic rival. "I was actually excited to see what I can learn more about, what Luke is really like from someone who knows him in an intimate way."

Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.