'Summer House' Reunion: Lindsay Hubbard Reacts to Hearing What Production Knew About Breakup (Exclusive)

Lindsay Hubbard reacts to chatter about her split from Carl Radke at the 'Summer House' season 8 reunion.

In ET's first look at part 2 of the 'Summer House' season 8 reunion, Lindsay Hubbard accuses ex Carl Radke of plotting out their split.

Since Summer House star Carl Radke called off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard last September, Lindsay's maintained she felt blindsided by his decision.

In the months that followed, the 37-year-old questioned what the people behind the scenes of the Bravo series knew about the breakup, seeing as Carl brought cameras into their apartment to film the conversation after they wrapped filming for the season. 

"I asked production, 'When you went there, did you know that's what was going to happen?' They told me, they did not know,'" host Andy Cohen confirms to Lindsay in ET's exclusive sneak peek at part 2 of the season 8 reunion. The former PR pro sits back, wide-eyed and seemingly in shock over the revelation. 

Andy quickly pivots the conversation to the aftermath of the breakup, namely the press coverage surrounding it and the narrative that Lindsay was "blindsided." 

"It was extremely blindsiding," she doubles down on stage, eliciting muffled comments from Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, the latter of whom asks, "What's her definition of 'blindsided'?"

"Watching back, it literally looks like he had been planning it for the summer," Lindsay says, as Kyle and Amanda chime in at full volume to cut her off. Amanda says it would look like that no matter what, seeing as the season ended in a certain place and the producers and editors of the show have to make getting to that destination make sense for the fans. Kyle then asks if Lindsay really believes Carl "premeditated" a season-long plot about their relationship. 

"I think that there was a lot of him laying the groundwork to villainize me," Lindsay throws back at the couple, who groan. 

Watch it play out here:

"Oh, here we go again!" Amanda proclaims, as Kyle buries his face in his hand next to a visibly tense Carl. Andy then gives his two cents, telling Lindsay, as a viewer, he very well could've seen her pull the same move on Carl.

"In that last scene, I could've seen you saying, 'Carl, you've been sending me mixed messages the whole time, I am done. I'm out. Deuces,'" he rattles off, immediately followed by a chorus of agreement from Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller

"Paige said that from the first week," Jesse Solomon then reveals, as Lindsay takes back control over the conversation. Viewers will have to tune in to see what exactly she says next, but speaking with ET ahead of the season premiere, Lindsay explained what she thought she and Carl were filming the day he broke up with her.

"I sat down on my couch looking to repair a conflict about careers and future finances," Lindsay recalled. "I was like, OK, we have to get on the same page. Like, we had this conflict the other day about what we're doing in life and how we're making money, and that's what I sat down thinking that we were repairing, the conflict. And he sat down with a very different vibe." 

"There was nothing over summer that indicated a breakup," she was adamant at the time of the interview, before she got a chance to watch the full season. 

"It was a normal relationship," she said. "You fight, you have conflict, you have arguments and you communicate and work through it, especially when you're at that level of a relationship, where you're engaged, about to be married in two months. You work through things, you don't run away."

Part 2 of the Summer House reunion airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. An extended and uncensored version of the episode debuts on Peacock the next day, joining the rest of the series on streaming.