‘Summer House’ Season 2: It’s Possible Not Everyone Lasts the Whole Summer! (Exclusive)

Stars Kyle Cooke and Lauren Wirkus tease ET with spoilers from season two of the Bravo hit.

What happens at the summer house doesn’t stay at the summer house -- it gets broadcast on Summer House.

Bravo’s bringing us a little summer sunshine every Monday night with season two of Summer House, which is already promising to be more dramatic than the rosé-fueled meltdowns of season one. Stars Kyle Cooke and Lauren Wirkus dropped by the ET studios earlier this month to dish on what’s still to come this season -- and it’s a lot.

“You do see relationships you thought were really strong from last summer change a lot,” Lauren shares. “People have build up from the winter, and the in-between, because we do hang out so much that when the summer hits, it's this, like … we're spending so much time together that, it is a fast, sort of a fast track of a relationship and things can bubble over really quickly. The biggest surprise is, people are gonna see a bigger change in, sort of, who they thought was really close and who's not this summer.”

“We're growing closer, and in some cases, you know, growing apart,” Kyle adds.

While viewers won’t see any relationship breakups (congrats to Kyle and his girlfriend, Amanda!), Lauren says friendship breakups definitely happen -- and that could lead to someone leaving the summer house altogether. Kyle and Lauren wouldn’t confirm if one of their housemates left the house mid-summer, but Carl Radke’s possible exit is teased in the season trailer.

“People needed a break,” Kyle offers. “Pack up your bags with your tail between your legs.”

“We all, overall, ended the summer as a group,” Lauren adds. “On speaking [terms], definitely.”

Summer House airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.