‘Summer House’ Sneak Peek: Literally Everyone Is Fighting -- Watch! (Exclusive)

Lindsay Hubbard and Lauren Wirkus on season two of 'Summer House.'

Welcome to S**t Show Island!

That’s what Summer House newbie Amit Neuman dubs the group’s outing on Monday night’s all-new episode, and ET has your exclusive first look. The gang is coming off of their off-the-rails Fourth of July party the weekend before, which ended with Lauren Wirkus smashing cake in her ex-boyfriend, Carl Radke’s, face, and then planting a kiss on him… in front of his date to the party! In an attempt to recover from that madness, the group heads out on a boat and beach bonfire excursion that goes up in theoretical flames.

ET’s first look drops us into Lauren and Lindsay Hubbard mid-argument, the origins of which we’re not quite clear on -- and, possibly, neither are Lauren and Lindsay. The good news is their argument has taken the heat off of Danielle Olivera, who was fighting with Lauren the week before, over Carl.

“What I learned last year is, when there’s a problem, if you point out a bigger problem, then yours suddenly goes away,” Stephen McGee offers Danielle.

“Yeah,” Danielle replies. “Thanks, Lindsay?”

Most of the group is on the beach, watching Lauren and Lindsay rip into each other. Lauren calls Lindsay a victim, which immediately takes their fight to another level. Lindsay gets into Lauren’s face, which catches the attention of Carl back on the beach. He calls the women over to the beach, saying, “Let’s have a talk.” That then sets off Stephen, who has his own set of issues with Carl.

“Can you guys please f**king give up for a second?” he calls out to Carl.

“He’s never there when you need him, but if there was one thing Carl can do, it’s f**k s**t up,” Stephen offers in a confessional. “Like a wrecking ball, he could knock down anything. Including friendships.”

“Let’s sit around the fire and regroup,” Carl then offers.

“You’re the last person to be directing us all to regroup,” Stephen shouts back. “Let’s not have a fake kumbaya moment.”

“Listening to this bulls**t is not fun for me,” Danielle whispers Amit.

By this time, Lauren and Lindsay have found their way over to the bonfire, where they’ve continued their fighting, just quieter. Now, it’s Kyle Cooke who can’t take it. He asks them, “Can you girls just enjoy the fire?”

“Kyle, no!” Lauren snaps back. “Worry about your own self.”

“Oh my god,” Kyle says. “That’s so brutal.”

Kyle’s girlfriend, Amanda Batula, pulls him away, leaving Lauren and Lindsay back at the fire to continue bickering. You’ll have to tune into Summer House on Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo to see what happens next. In the meantime, check out the links and video below for more on the series.


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