'Summer House's Kyle Cooke Admits He ‘Blacked Out’ During Proposal to Amanda Batula (Exclusive)

Kyle Cooke pops the question to Amanda Batula on Monday night’s season finale of the Bravo hit.

A summer fling can lead to a ring.

So the story goes for Summer Houses Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. The pair announced the exciting news back in September, but Bravo viewers will get to see the proposal play out on Monday night’s season finale. The magic moment comes after three years of ups and downs for the pair, including multiple cheating “scandals.”

"The summer, there’s always some eventful kind of milestones in our relationship and it just kinda felt right to propose and do it out there," Kyle told ET back in February. "[Though], I blacked out! I was just so nervous."

"I was very shocked," Amanda admitted. "I really did not see it coming. I forgot what I said."

"There was a swear involved," Kyle said. "It wasn’t a[n immediate] 'yes.'"

"I think I asked if he was, like, serious," Amanda recalled. "Like, is this…"

"Yeah, like 'f-ing serious,'" Kyle jumped in. "I was like, 'I f-ing am!' I don’t even know what I said."

Before Kyle got down on one knee, though, he asked Amanda’s dad, Frank, for her hand in marriage. It seems safe to say that Frank gave his blessing, but it wasn’t without an awkward conversation first… at a party for Kyle and Amanda’s joint business venture, Loverboy, a sparkling hard tea.

"My parents have loved Kyle since the day they met him, but given Kyle’s cheating, they’re here tonight to support me but not necessarily to support our relationship," Amanda said, before leaving Kyle and her dad alone on the rooftop.

ET has your exclusive first look at that moment in the clip below:

"For me, it means so much for you to see Amanda and I in a really good place," Kyle told Frank. "Um… I wanted to pull you aside and tell you that Labor Day has been an important day for us. It’s about when we met, it’s, you know, a year later when we kind of officialized our relationship and this Labor Day, I want ask her to be my wife."

"This Labor Day!?" Frank responded, seemingly in shock.

"I want to ask your blessing," Kyle replied, eliciting a laugh out of Frank. Now, it seems safe to say that Frank gave Kyle his blessing, though viewers will have to tune in to find out for sure.

In addition to getting engaged, Kyle and Amanda moved in together, and Amanda admitted to ET that it’s "been stressful" since the summer.

"I mean, it’s even more complicated [than just our relationship]," she said. "We’re engaged, we’re living together and we’re starting a business together … so, we’ve decided to just really complicate the s**t out of everything."

"There’s a lot of meetings,” she added. "It’s, like, OK, we need to have a wedding meeting. We need to have a business meeting. We need to have, like, a personal relationship meeting. It’s just, ahh!"

"We haven’t picked a venue, we haven’t picked a date," Kyle noted.

"But we are gonna get married," Amanda promised. "That’s all we know."

"I want it to be a party," Kyle said.

"Yeah, that’s our No. 1 goal," Amanda replied.

Summer House’s season three finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.