'Summer House': Lindsay Hubbard Dishes on Ex Everett’s Return and Her Dating Life (Exclusive)

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Lindsay Hubbard put the “ex” in “sex” one last time last summer.

“I think that was sort of the final goodbye,” the Summer House star admits to ET, referencing her on-again, off-again -- and now off-forever -- relationship with Everett Weston. Everett, who was a main cast member on season one and recurred on season two, returns for a cameo (hookup) on season three.

“So Everett and I, we broke up, and then in the fall/winter after last summer, we got back together and it was a bit rocky,” Lindsay explains. “And then, just like clockwork, last March/April we broke up again and I thought that was pretty much for good. I mean just like, it's time for me, that this guy is just not ready for the type of relationship that I need and want, and it's time to move on, you know?”

“So much of me, because he's such a nice person and has a genuine heart, so much of me was just waiting,” she continues. “‘Come on, you can get there! You can get there! You got this!’ But then, it just wasn't happening and you know, when you break up with somebody who was such a major, important part of your life, it takes time and it doesn't just go away and the feelings don't just leave immediately. And when he's in the Hamptons and I'm in the Hamptons and you run into each other, it's, like, that comfort level and that love, it's hard for that to just like fade away.”

Lindsay admits the summer seen on season three was a sexual one, in general.

“There's something about summertime in New York City, in the Hamptons, that you just want to take your clothes off and enjoy yourself in whatever capacity that is,” she spills. “And if there happens to be a guy there then, you know, that's great.”

Lindsay rebounded from Everett with fashion designer Peyman Umay, a summer fling captured by Summer House cameras.

“He’s so completely the opposite of Everett, and I think that’s normal and natural for somebody who just got out of a long-term relationship, to go for the exact opposite,” she says. “And you know, Peyman is an interesting character. He's very sweet, he's Turkish, so that sexy Turkish accent, his green eyes… he rides a motorcycle, you know, has a clothing line. He was just so drastically different than Everett that I couldn't help but feel this insane attraction towards him.”

But, from the sound of it, Lindsay’s romance with Peyman ended with the summer -- but she hasn’t slowed her dating role. In fact, Lindsay says she’s dating more than ever as she feels the pressure to find her “Mr. Right.”

“I blinked and I all the sudden was 32,” she says. “I don't want to say I wasted my time, but you know, I spent two and a half years on and off with Everett and now, the clock is ticking and I can't waste time anymore.”

“I really put myself out there in the fall in a very big way and dated all sorts of different types of guys,” Lindsay continues. “That's what you have to do [in New York City] until something actually sticks and, you know, you meet somebody who is on the same level as you.”

“I want to date somebody who empowers women and like empowers me and is like, 'Yeah! You go girl!' You know?” she says. “Like, 'You crush that pitch! You get that client!' Like, 'I'm right here, I'm your biggest fan!' That's what I want because I am this 'alpha female' that it's hard to find guys around here that really support that.”

Lindsay’s currently seeing a guy named Johnny, though she’s keeping details of their relationship close to the vest for now. They’ve only been together a few months.

“Hopefully it works out,” she says. “You never know ... Now, we start to have those conversations like, 'What do you want in the future? Do you want to eventually get married? Do you want to have kids? And do you see that with me? Or not?’ ‘Cause I'm not looking to waste time!”

Summer House airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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