‘Summer House’ Star Lindsay Hubbard Wants to Break Down the Stigma of Plastic Surgery (Exclusive)

Lindsay Hubbard on the 'Summer House' season two reunion.

The 31-year-old PR professional opens up to ET about her choice to get a breast augmentation and share her journey on social media.

Lindsay Hubbard is done avoiding “taboos.”

The Summer House star proudly documented her choice to go under the knife and get breast augmentation at the age of 31, something she says she had been considering for a long time.

“As far as why I made this decision now, it’s something where, I lost a lot of weight about a year ago, when Everett [Weston] and I broke up,” she shares with ET. “It’s completely natural, with women. You have anxiety, you’re stressed out, you don’t have an appetite, you lose weight. With most women, our boobs are the first thing to go. So, you know, once I became less stressed and regained my appetite, and I was happier, my boobs just never really grew back and, you know, being a woman in my 30s, I was just, like, you know what? I really want to maintain a femininity as a woman.

“It wasn’t like I’m a young, naive girl saying I just want big fake t**s,” she adds. “You know, I’m a woman in my 30s and, you know, this is what I want to do for myself. There’s no one I’m doing it for. No boyfriend, no friend, no, like, you know, nobody except for me and that’s what makes me happy, so I’m going to do it.”

Lindsay shared her journey on social media, from consultations with her doctor, to day-of surgery and the recovery process. She’s nearly a month post-op and says the response from Summer House viewers and her followers has been more than she ever anticipated.

“Between my post about the breast augmentation and my post about [officially ending things with] Everett, people have just been flooding my DMs with stories of their own,” she shares. “So many women were like, ‘Thank you so much for sharing this story with me. You really, like, you’ve really made me feel OK with doing something for me and not having to worry about somebody else’s opinions.’”

“I think there’s a stigma that goes along with, you know, plastic surgery, specifically boob jobs, right?” the PR professional notes. “But nowadays, I feel like it’s so common. It’s almost like, we go to the salon and get our hair done, or go to the plastic surgeon and get a boob job. That’s how common it is, but people aren’t really talking about it. And again, I decided to talk about it, because I didn’t do it for, like, a shallow, surface-level reason. I did it for something that’s a little deeper, that means something deeper to me as a woman. It’s more about being a woman than anything.”

“I just think the conversation should be there,” she continues. “We don’t have to hide. This is not a taboo situation anymore. If it makes somebody happy to get a breast augmentation, to enhance their boobs, then we should talk about it and not feel nervous or, like, shameful about it. You know what I mean?”

Lindsay’s new body with debut on the Summer House reunion special, airing Tuesday on Bravo. She’ll also be showing off her new, icy blonde hair, a transformation she made around the same time she got surgery.

“It kind of fits my personality more,” she says of the new style, which she actually rocked before in college. “I feel more ‘me’ with short, blonde hair … This is what happens when we’re in our 30s. OK, this is who I am!”

Before the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen reunion, though, is the season finale of Summer House, airing Monday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. Lindsay teases that it’s a “healthy mix of fun and drama.”

“It comes to a head with, like, the house vs. Kyle [Cooke] and Amanda [Batula],” Lindsay says. “So, you guys are going to see that kind of boil over and, you know, we sit around a bonfire and I don’t think we did a lot of bonding.”

“I think a lot of friendships are, like, questioned at the end of the summer and that’s something, honestly, we all need to sort of evaluate as a group,” she adds. “I think that’s the biggest question that gets put on people, put in everyone’s mind is, like, can we do a summer house with each other and if so, like, what are the changes that need to be made, you know, within each person?”

“Either way, we’re all gonna go back out there,” she says of returning to the Hamptons this summer. “It’s just a matter of, who’s gonna be in the house?”

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