‘Summer House’ Reunion: The Housemates Unleash on Kyle and Amanda (Exclusive)

The cast of Bravo's 'Summer House' with 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen.

The ‘Summer House’ stars sit down with Andy Cohen for their first-ever reunion to hash out issues left over from last summer, and some new issues that have popped up since.

The drama of Summer House didn’t stay in the Hamptons -- it got packed up and moved into the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen clubhouse!

The housemates come back together for a special WWHL reunion airing Tuesday night on Bravo, and ET has your exclusive first look at the explosive conclusion to the season. Andy asks the entire group -- Lauren Wirkus, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Stephen McGee, Danielle Olivera, Amit Neuman and Ashley Wirkus -- if they think Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batalua’s romance will last, and only Carl says he has hope for them.

“I feel like, there’s certain things Kyle does that makes Amanda feel insecure,” Lindsay shares. “Like, not giving her enough attention, because he’s trying to send it and be, like, a friend. But that then, makes Amanda insecure, so then she cries…”

“How is that ever going to change?” Lauren interjects. “That’s Kyle’s personality!”

“I think to Lauren’s point, I’m not looking for Kyle to change,” Amanda replies, but Lauren shuts her down, saying the dynamic of the relationship just isn’t working. Then, Lauren drops the bomb that the entire group has lost contact with Kyle and Amanda. They no longer hang out together, seemingly because Kyle hasn’t shown interest in being around the group. Check out the fiery exchange here:

“You don’t want to go out because the dynamic doesn’t work for your relationship!” Lauren says. “How can you blame us for your relationship?”

“No one’s reaching out to me, either,” Amanda laments. “I’m not getting any text messages being like, ‘Hey, Amanda…’”

“Amanda, if you want to be known not as Kyle’s girlfriend, you have to act like it,” Lauren tells her. “Friendship is a two-way street … have you ever called and said anything?”

“Can I speak for one f**king second?!” Amanda then screams out.

You’ll have to tune into the Summer House reunion on Bravo at 10 p.m. ET on April 3 to see where things land. ET chatted with Lindsay via phone after she taped the reunion to get some insight into what else goes down in the clubhouse.

“All the top level questions, you guys will get answered,” she teases, saying there will be updates on Lauren and Carl’s relationship, Carl and Stephen’s friendship and even an update on Lindsay’s love life.

“[It was] unexpected,” she says of the reunion. “It was like, oh my god. I didn’t realize there was this much drama. Like, unexpected drama.”

“I think for most people, it was just important to get off their chest what they’re feeling,” she notes. “For me, specifically, it was definitely the whole Kyle situation … Season one, when I was fighting with [my ex-boyfriend] Everett, it was affecting the whole house. Season two, Kyle and Amanda’s fighting is affecting the whole house. I think what was kind of annoying for most people about that situation was, Kyle was the first one to really call me out all the time when that was happening last season, but no one really called Kyle and Amanda out. And the second that they did, Kyle got super, super defensive and it became this whole hypocritical situation.”

“There definitely needs to be some changes that need to be made, right?” she says. “They just pretended that it didn’t happen, which will need to change, if that’s going to happen again, if we go back to the summer house.”

Before the reunion, the Summer House season finale airs Monday, April 2, at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on the series, check out the video and links below.