The ‘Superstore’ Gang Comes to Terms With the Dead Body Found in Cloud 9 (Exclusive Clip)

Superstore Halloween
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

The Cloud 9 gang has been dealing with a lot of death on the new season of Superstore.

Following the tornado that wreaked havoc on the big box chain store at the end of season two, it was believed that Brett (Jon Miyahara) died when he didn’t make it into the storm shelter and a foot was discovered in the wreckage. However, just after mourning his loss, he appeared in the breakroom -- much to everyone’s surprise and relief. 

On season three’s Halloween episode, the gang -- all clad in fantastic costumes, with Dina (Lauren Ash) reprising her infamous cop getup -- is back in the breakroom coming to terms with the dead body discovered in the walls of the rebuilt store. As Glenn (Mark McKinney) reveals in ET’s exclusive sneak peek, it belongs to a less-than-desirable member of the Cloud 9 family. 

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While they come to terms with the loss of “Creepy Sal,” who the foot belongs to still remains a mystery.

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.