'Survivor' Castaway Elizabeth Olson on Ruining Angelina's Game With Her Own Elimination (Exclusive)


Elizabeth Olson's Survivor elimination might have been tougher on her family than it was on her. 

The 31-year-old Texas native was voted out on Wednesday's episode of Survivor: David vs. Goliath, just after making the merge. 

"Obviously, I knew it was coming, but my daughters did not know, and I've got a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, and it was emotional watching it all play back," she told ET on Thursday. "I was watching it with my daughters, who were bawling their eyes out, [crying] 'Why are they voting for you? Why is your own tribe voting for you?' And trying to explain that to my 6-year-old, who understands enough of the game to know that that's not cool, it was extremely emotional last night, but it was a good learning experience."

While it was certainly the end of Elizabeth's game, fans speculated that she might be taking another castaway down with her, after exposing that Angelina had warned her about her elimination prior to tribal council. Angelina tried to argue that she was just trying to have a "real human moment," but for the rest of the contestants, it looked like she was trying to make good with the first member of the jury in the hopes Elizabeth would vote for her to win. 

"I think it's both," Elizabeth said of whether Angelina's move was genuine or self-serving. "She's smart, she's playing the game of Survivor. Like, there's a reason she was cast. She's playing hard, and she was trying to benefit herself in that maneuver in telling me what was going on. I don't think it actually crossed her mind that it was going to bite her in the butt, which it did, which is awesome that I got to be a part of it, but it almost cost her game."

"She and I did have a connection," she noted, adding that Angelina told her to try to make an idol play during tribal council. "It cost me a lot, throwing her under the bus, even though I'm not obligated to her, she's my enemy. But playing that part of Survivor was way harder for me, personally, than I thought that it would be. It went against everything, who I am, and it was hard."


Perhaps the most difficult part of Survivor was the conditions, however, as Elizabeth noted that not having the comfort of a bed after suffering through a back injury pre-season completely shifted her game. 

"The back was fine for the most part, except for sleeping. As soon as I would sit on that bamboo or lay on that bamboo, any which way that I would lay on it, it was immediately like putting all the wrong pressure points on me, and I could not sleep," she explained. "For the most part, I could manage it, and I'm a pretty tough person... but you can't ignore the pain when it's keeping you awake at night. That ended up being a huge detriment to my game because I needed all my wits about me, and I felt like, by day 16, when I finally had enough of that stupid bamboo bed, my brain was going down the toilet."


"As a viewer, you're like, 'Why was Angelina trying to get Lyrsa's jacket or Natalie's jacket? That's so silly. Doesn't she see that it's putting a target on her back? Why is Elizabeth fighting over the bed? Doesn't he see that's putting a target on her back?'" Elizabeth continued. "I'm speaking for myself, but I know those elements are real, and when you are fighting for your chance to win the game, sometimes something that seems little as a viewer is not little when it's on the game Survivor."

While Elizabeth is still trying to explain to her children the value of losing a game instead of winning it, she told ET that her story is "not yet finished."

"I think that I was swinging for the fences every time, and I built relationships with unlikely people, and I think there could be a potential for there being more to my story," Elizabeth said of returning for another season. "So whatever the Survivor gods decide, I'll be good with. Yes or no."

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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