'Survivor' Castaway Libby Vincek on the Moment Her 'Heart Dropped' (Exclusive)


The 24-year-old Texas native says she doesn't have any regrets.

And with that, Libby Vincek became Survivor: Ghost Island's second jury member. 

The "cute blonde" (as dubbed by Morgan on her way out of the game weeks earlier) made her Survivor exit on Wednesday's episode after Michael was able to save himself with a sly idol play. And months after getting cut from the game, Libby is still "disappointed." 

"'Why didn't you tell me?!'" the 24-year-old Texas native told ET of her reaction to Michael's big move. "My heart dropped, for sure."

"I was so mad because I knew if we had just a bit more time to talk about another plan, we could've done things differently," she continued. "I had never been so disappointed about thinking of what pizza toppings I was craving in my life."

Libby's elimination came just days after she expressed her concern over her fellow tribe members writing her name down in the previous vote -- but as she told ET, she couldn't have "done anything differently to get a target off my back," especially when it came to the old Naviti tribe.

"They wanted me out from the start," she shared, adding that she doesn't have any regrets from her Survivor experience. "They were trying to make their own moves, and I have to respect that. Really the only thing I could have done was figure something out with Michael Jenna and, at that time, Donathan." 

"[I'm] really proud of how I played, even if you didn't see it all," she added. 


While Libby quickly became a point of conversation among her fellow castaways (and was nicknamed Parvati 2.0), she said the most surprising part of heading out on the island was the "struggle" out in nature. 

"The most surprising part was how we can handle it. It's so so hard out there. It's as real as it looks, baby," she expressed. "They don't give you anything, but we overcame it and lived through it." 

And though she didn't really get to experience all that Ghost Island had to offer, she's still a fan of the season's big twist. "I loved it because it kept us guessing. I was so curious to go out there but glad I didn't," she confessed. "But the twist...  I thought it was awesome to think back and get to relive those epic Survivor moments and see if we could reverse the curse!"

"Survivor dreams come true," she added. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.