'Survivor' Castaways Strategize Over How to Get Jonathan Out of the Game in Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

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It seems the target has gotten bigger for one Survivor hopeful. On Wednesday's Survivor, the castaways of the merged tribe Kula Kula have their sights set on Jonathan, the long-haired muscular Alabama native who's starting to rub people the wrong way.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the episode, members of the tribe secretly strategize the best way to get him out of the game. Of course, as they discuss their options, they remind each other that there is one major obstacle that could trip them up and nullify their plan -- however simple or elaborate it is: immunity.

"Jonathan's starting to unravel and people are picking up on that," Lindsay says to camera. "It's perfect timing because I want Jonathan out because of how he acts towards me. He's not a great ally. He just dictates what I should do and if I disagree, he gets annoyed with me."

"Jonathan's the one person getting in the way of me winning more challenges but I know what I'm capable of doing, so it's balls to the wall going all out to make sure Jonathan loses and he goes home," she declares.

And the numbers are there if she and her fellow castaways can pull it off. With seven remaining in the game, they only need four votes for the surprise attack and, as Lindsay downloads three others on the tentative plan, they all seem game to target Jonathan. The question is, will they actually pull it off?

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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