'Survivor's Jenna Bowman Felt Like She 'Won' After Starting Romance With Contestant Sebastian Noel (Exclusive)


Jenna Bowman didn't leaveSurvivorwith a check for a million dollars, but she did leave with some romance! 

The 23-year-old California native was voted out on Wednesday night's episode of Survivor: Ghost Island after a twist broke the group into two temporary tribes. It was Sebastian who seemingly orchestrated her elimination, but he and Jenna started dating after the show. 

According to Jenna, "it was weirdly fate" that brought them together. "Flying to Fiji, we got seated next to each other... you're not really supposed to talk, but our TVs weren't really working, so there was a few, brief moments where we could kind of discuss things, and by the end of the flight, I told him, 'Let's just move here and get married and have all the kids,' and he was like, 'OK,'" she told ET over the phone on Thursday. 

The two were separated on different tribes for much of the competition, but when they were together, they were careful not to show their affection for each other. "We played the game with a million dollars in mind instead of putting our relationship there, so they didn't really show it. We weren't really a power couple and didn't really have a strategic relationship," Jenna revealed. "So it definitely started from day one, but we didn't actually end up getting together until after the show." 

"Obviously people knew that we liked each other. We would sleep next to each other and hold hands all night, but in the day, we just really wouldn't communicate and keep it down low, and hope that towards the end we could come out with this and be in the front of the line to make a play," she continued. "But sadly, for some reason, his agenda changed, and he ended up taking me out instead."

Sebastian stuck with his fellow Naviti members Chelsea and Angela as they cast their votes for Jenna -- who voted for Donathan, despite his pleas to work together to vote out Sebastian, and promise that he'd use his immunity idol for her. Donathan ended up using his idol for himself, and Jenna went home. While Jenna didn't seem too upset at the time, she said Wednesday's episode led to her and Sebastian's "first argument" -- but otherwise, everything's good. 

"Sebastian promised me that he wanted me to see my dad the next day [for the] loved one visit. And for him to say that, I was like, 'There's no way he's sending me home. He's not going to dangle something so important to me in front of my face,'" she explained of why she didn't consider working with Donathan. "[But] I'm obviously still rooting for Sebastian.... and I will say I think he starts picking up his strategy towards the end. 

By the time the finale rolls around later this month and host Jeff Probst crowns the newest Sole Survivor, Jenna will be planning her move to Florida to be with Sebastian. Then in October, they'll move to Hawaii. 

"His family owns a coffee bean farm and a macadamia nut farm, so he'll probably find a fishing gig, but I'll probably work on the farm and we'll live there and travel and blog and do that whole thing," she said.

"I always joked in my casting video, I'd be like, 'I'm going to win a million dollars and going to get a boyfriend,' so I always randomly felt that, and I'm just a hopeless romantic, and it weirdly just actually worked and happened," Jenna shared. "It's been amazing. I didn't win, but at the same time, I still feel like I won." 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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