'Survivor's Kellyn Bechtold Says Final 3 Go Through the 'Ringer' in Upcoming Season Finale (Exclusive)


Kellyn Bechtold's journey came to an end on Wednesday's episode ofSurvivor: Ghost Island, but she definitely left her mark. 

This season was all about "reversing the curse" of Survivor seasons past, and while the 31-year-old career counselor didn't succeed in righting Michaela Bradshaw's wrong, her steal-a-vote advantage is back in the game. 

"I'm in good company, right? Michaela, she's fricking awesome. Fishbache has misplayed extra votes. It's a good crowd to be a part of,"  she joked to ET of making history for failing to properly execute the advantage. "If I'm part of the ghost of Survivor, that's a pretty cool thing to be as a super fan, even if it's the wrong move." 

"I guess there's a little bit of justice in that Sebastian didn't tell me that he had that vote, and I had been keeping it in the lining of my bathing suit for like, however many weeks," she revealed. "So, haha, jokes on him." 


Ever since her biggest ally, Bradley, was voted out, Kellyn's time on the island appeared to be limited. A possible all-girls alliance in last week's episode seemed like it could have saved her (and taken out Domenick and Wendell's power bromance), but she couldn't rally the numbers. This week, Donathan's antics created a tie vote -- but still, it wasn't enough to swing things her way. 

"I just couldn't do it," she admitted. "Shame on me for not being able to pull Laurel over. I didn't do enough, but she wasn't budging. The last couple days I was really trying to work Dom and Wendell to turn on each other, and I blew that as well." 

"The one that is 100 percent my fault is the Michael vote [with the steal-a-vote advantage]," she continued. "I didn't put both votes towards Wendell and blindside him. I just couldn't pull the trigger. I was too [much of a] Nervous Nelly." 

Despite her regrets, Kellyn said it was "really fun to watch it all back."

"When you're the one getting the boot, you don't really get looped into a lot of conversations [so most of the episode is a surprise]," she explained. "Wendell had come to me and said, 'I love you unconditionally, but there's a 75 percent chance you're going tonight.' And I was like, 'Well, that's a 100 percent chance I'm going.'"

"And also Sebastian, who we haven't seen a lot of my relationship with him, but he and I...played under the radar together for a really long time until the Chelsea-Wendell vote. So Sebastian had come to me and was pretty bummed and upset and just said, 'It's going to be you tonight. I'm really sorry.' And so I knew that going in," she continued. "What was really exciting was Donathan starting to stir things up... but it was ultimately still my night to walk the plank." 


Donathan, Angela, Laurel, Domenick and Wendell will fight for the title of Sole Survivor on next week's finale, but according to Kellyn, the final tribal council is one fans won't want to miss. 

"If anyone thinks that I was going to sit there quietly on the jury and let anyone win that game without going through the ringer, they're wrong, and there were a lot of people who cared a lot," she shared. "The final three members get drilled about what their themes are, [asked to] stick up for things they did, [explain] their behavior... I don't know how long we were there, but it was a long time." 

"Those final three went through the ringer, so I would say there's a lot to tune in and watch," she added. "The votes haven't been read yet, so it's exciting to see who is going to end up a millionaire, and I can't wait to find out." 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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