Susan Sarandon Reacts to Daughter Eva Amurri Calling Her Upbringing a 'Circus' (Exclusive)

The actress weighed in on her 37-year-old daughter's recent comment.

Susan Sarandon is opening up about her parenting style. The same month that Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri, described her upbringing as "a circus," the 76-year-old actress responded to the claim in an interview with ET's Matt Cohen.

Amurri, 37, made her statement on TikTok, explaining, "People in the industry, who grew up in the industry, sometimes liken the experience to growing up in the circus."

"You kind of spend these really surreal periods of time really closely intertwined with other people... You become so, so close almost like family. And then one of the things that's really disorienting about the acting world is then, when the project is done, a lot of times everyone just goes their separate ways and you kind of just disappear back into real life," she said. "It can be really sad sometimes... It's always a unique experience to grow up that way."

As for what Sarandon thinks about her daughter's point of view, she told ET, "I think normal is very overrated."

"I think everyone likes to go to the circus, so I don't see any problem with that as long as all the animals don't get too out of control," she said. "I think our life is unusual and they're exposed to lots of [things]. I dragged them with me whenever I worked, so they went all over the globe. I think it's one of the best things that I ever gave them, that view of their place in the world."

"Also, they're very flexible and adjustable and I think that's a really, really important thing for kids to have that adults have," Sarandon added. "So, no apologies here. I'll talk to her therapist, but I don't apologize."

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Sarandon, who is also mom to Miles, 30, and Jack, 33, admitted that, to keep up with her kids, she does "go online and look."

"I go to Instagram, I go to Twitter. They tell me a lot," she said. "I go to my daughter's blog and that tells me a lot."

The actress' Maybe I Do co-stars take a different approach, with Diane Keaton telling ET that she finds it "best to stay on the outer bounds" when it comes to Duke, 23, and Dexter, 28. As for Richard Gere, he manages to get updates on 22-year-old Homer "straight from my son."

"He tells me a lot," Gere, who's also dad to 3-year-old Alexander, said of his eldest child. "Not because I’m trying, but we have a good relationship."

While they all have different styles when it comes to parenting, Sarandon, Keaton and Gere all agree that they were delighted to team up for Maybe I Do. Gere gushed that the cast, which also includes William H. Macy, Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, was "a true ensemble."

"Our director was really good about letting us kind of be who we are," Keaton noted of Michael Jacobs. "... It just made it all better because he didn't interfere in a way that stopped us from being those people."

"I trusted that when you work with people that come prepared, are kind of loose and ready to go with the wind, that's when the surprises happen, and that's when you really learn something," Sarandon added. "This group does great, so that really is what made the difference for me."

Maybe I Do is now playing in theaters nationwide.



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