'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Tears Up as 'Monica the Medium' Connects With Her Late Mom

The tough-as-nails dance instructor showed a more vulnerable side when she sat down with a spirit medium who says she talks with dead people.

Tough-as-nails dance instructor Abby Lee Miller showed a more vulnerable side when she sat down with spirit medium Monica Ten-Kate, who says she's able to communicate with dead people.

Monica, the star of Monica the Medium (airing Mondays on Freeform), brought Abby to tears with her spot-on description of her late mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller. Maryen, who was known to Dance Moms viewers as "The Original Dance Mom," died from cancer in 2014 at 86.

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"She really didn't want you to know the severity of her cancer," Monica tells an emotional Abby in a clip.

It was Monica's mention of Maryen's Catholic faith practices and rosary beads that gave Miller full confidence in Monica's medium abilities.

"This Monica girl -- I think she's the real deal," Abby told ET. "It's a relief. It's nice to know, because you wonder."

Monica explained how her gift works, saying, "It's not like I walk into a store and I see 50 dead people right in front of me. I will see, feel, hear, sense things all at the same time."

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The one misstep came when Monica made an assumption about Abby's love life, asking if she had been married or was dating someone when her mother was sick.

"That was a little strange, because I don't really have a love life," Abby admitted.

The reading was shot for Dance Moms, which returns this fall to Lifetime.