Tamar Braxton on Releasing New Music and Dating Publicly on 'Queen's Court' (Exclusive)

The singer opened up to ET's Rachel Smith about her new single and forthcoming reality series.

Tamar Braxton is gearing up to drop some new music, just in time for her birthday, and the songstress is also gearing up to find love on her new reality TV show, Queen's Court.

Braxton recently sat down with ET's Rachel Smith, where she opened up about releasing a new single for the first time in years.

"I'm super excited that I'm putting out my first single," Braxton shared, adding that her new tune was informed by her own love life and experiences. "You know, I just had to speak about what I was going through."

"I was single for a very, very long time. Looking for love, being let down, trying to figure out where I fit, you know, with love. And I had to write about that," she explained. "Love is inspiring me, for good and bad."

Braxton shared that her forthcoming single is called "Changed," and added, "I'm really proud of it because this is the first time in a long time that I've been this excited."

For the songstress, getting to work on music has been "incredibly healing" for her, and she equates it with how some deal with stress and mental health challenges through writing and journaling.

"This is me journaling and, you know, putting my thoughts or my biggest fears or my hopes and dreams on a piece of paper," she shared, "and I get to verbalize it by singing."

While her love life and the struggles she faced finding love have informed her new music, it also inspired her latest television endeavor -- Queens Court, a reality dating series for Peacock.

When asked what motivated her to take part in a reality dating show, Braxton quipped, "Well, you know, look I had to find Mr. Right somewhere!"

"I feel like I looked high and low and the truth is  I wanted to meet some potentials on there in a different kind of way," she shared. "You meet people through people and I think I done ran out of people."

While Braxton is no stranger to reality TV shows, she admitted that she has a bit of a "love/hate" relationship with them. But when it came to Queens Court, "Something told me to trust the process."

"I've never done anything like this before and what's the worst that can happen? I find love?" she added. "This TV show is so amazing, it's one of my most proudest moments. Because I got a chance to really be with some girlfriends, some people I really truly love and respect, who were looking for the same thing that I was looking for... We had vulnerable moments [and] we've had amazing moments."

Reflecting on the men who came to try and shoot their shot at a chance at romance with Braxton, the songstress joked, "The great thing about it is the 21 men came to us, and we didn't have to go and find them! Which is the hardest thing about dating these days."

The show also gave Braxton the opportunity for self-reflection, self-realization as well as personal and emotional growth.

"The number one thing I learned is that I wasn't as ready as I said that I was, in receiving love," she admitted. "The times when a certain amount of gentlemen would show me some type of affection, I didn't want it. Sometimes, when they would want to have certain conversations, I wasn't open. And I just really had to really check myself and make sure that this is an area that I had to work on before I, you know, just branched myself out a little bit."

Fans will get a chance to find out if Braxton did manage to find love when Queens Court debuts Mar. 16 on Peacock.