Tamera Mowry-Housley Reflects on Life After 'The Real' (Exclusive)

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Tamera Mowry-Housley has found peace after leaving The Real. The 42-year-old actress left the daytime talk show earlier this year following a seven-year stint as a co-host, but remains close to her former colleagues.

"The girls will always be a part of my family," Mowry-Housley told ET’s Deidre Behar about Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon Houghton and Loni Love. "I may not be physically in front of the camera, [but] we will be a family forever. It's weird to say, but I feel like I'm still there…I still talk to the girls. I support the girls still, individually. I do it individually because they're all doing their own thing."

"Jeannie is really busy right now with Dancing With the Stars. I told her I saw her, and I know Adrienne is doing a show on Fox right now. Loni, we talk. She just texted me and was like, 'How are you doing in quarantine?'" Mowry-Housley shared, before praising longtime friend Garcelle Beauvais, who joined The Real in August. "Garcelle I've known for years. She is amazing! She's beautiful, she's lovely and she has twins so we have talked. I've known her throughout my life. We were on The WB together and she's always been fantastic. I support them. They support me! That's what's awesome, they support me!"

The Sister, Sister star is looking forward to her new chapter in life, living in Napa with her husband, Adam Housley, and their two kids, Aden, 7, and Ariah, 5. The family owns and operates a vineyard and tasting room, but she's still busier than ever.

"I am so busy! I am a working mom, and I'm actually producing the show, the movie that I'm doing right now. I'm in the midst of casting, and my kids go to school virtually," she expressed, adding that she hasn't had time to watch The Real or "much right now."

Mowry-Housley, though, has a newfound appreciation for her life as a result of this new endeavor and moving away from Hollywood.

"There's one word I can think of, and it's 'peace,'" she relayed. "I have peace because I'm with my family and my family rejuvenates me. So being there for my family, being there for my children, they're at an age right now where they want mommy around. I'm a hands on parent. I like to help them whether it's in soccer, dance, obviously pre-COVID, but we still do those things at home, with school, with homework."

"My husband has had the winery for years with his family, but we are now in control over it. It is seriously a dream," she noted. "I go to work and I feel like I have found my retirement job. I'm actually doing my retirement job as we speak. Meaning, working in the tasting room and stuff."

And while she enjoys every bit of it, don't think she's giving up her acting career.

"I haven't given up Hollywood. I will be in Hollywood as long as I'm having fun," she teased, adding that she's making sure there is a "balance" in her life.

"I've been so grateful to have worked for so long in Hollywood," she acknowledged. "I'm now at an age right now where I can say, 'Wait, I wanna spend this much time doing this, and this much time doing that.' So the choices that I'm making right now, the number one question I say is, 'Well, am I gonna have enough time with my family?'"

She also wants to give her children a "sense of normalcy," sharing that she loves the life that they're living right now, "because it's the country life."

"If they want to live that city life when they get older, yes, they will run to it. I want them to have a sense of normalcy, not that they couldn't have it in L.A.," she added. "But now they know what their mom and dad do now. They know that mom is on TV. They love Twitches! They want to see everything I'm in. They love Sister, Sister, but at the same time I want them to know that other side as well."

As far as what her future looks like, it includes acting, hosting, being a full-time mom and, of course, plenty of wine.

"I absolutely love everything about the winery. It is very inclusive. Anybody and everybody is welcome in that tasting room and that is what it's known for," she marveled. "I love acting. Acting is like, gosh, it's my number one love. I loved doing my talk show, it was great. I did it for seven years, I built an amazing family, I learned a lot about myself and people and the importance of your voice, and not being afraid to vocalize your opinion because you never know who is out there that truly needs to hear your words."

"Right now, I'm focusing on my family and acting," she added.

She's also making it a point to prioritize her health and wellness by doing regular Zumba exercise classes, leading up to World Mental Health Day. The mother-of-two also shared that she’s almost back to her pre-pregnancy weight, explaining her approach to weight-loss and living a balanced lifestyle.

"I have learned that through exercise, it always helps me mentally and physically. And I'm proud to say I'm one of those that lost like 16 pounds during the quarantine," she shared. "I like to do things that make me think I'm not working out. I've been doing Zumba for years. I did Zumba to get ready for my wedding. I did Zumba to get back in shape after having my kids."

"Talking about Mental Health Day, I always talk about the importance of making sure you take care of yourself mentally, not only physically. Don't forget about that," she expressed, sharing a bit of her diet and lifestyle, before acknowledging, "I will not have the same body that I had before. Meaning, my hips have spread, I have a little loose skin here and there, but I want to get close to my pre-pregnancy weight and I am about nine pounds away!"

ET also spoke with Mowry-Housley about how she's been keeping in touch with her family in quarantine. She revealed that she and her twin sister, Tia Mowry, have not seen each other in person for over six months, since the coronavirus pandemic first hit in March.

Watch the video below to hear what she shared.


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