Taye Diggs on His 'Easy Breezy' Hosting Duties at the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET on the blue carpet at this year's star-studded awards show on Sunday.

Taye Diggs took on hosting duties once again at this year's 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards, and brought his winning charm and charisma to the star-studded ceremony.

Before taking the stage, Diggs walked the blue carpet outside the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, on Sunday, and he spoke with ET's Keltie Knight about his plans for the big show.

"It's all very easy breezy, it's all very relaxed," Diggs shared. 

When asked about his plans for the opening, the actor hinted that he wasn't going to kick things off with the traditional comedy roast that seems to be a go-to for many other awards shows.

"It's not really a monologue, because I'm not really a standup comedian," Diggs shared. "I'm just gonna walk around a little bit and introduce people. They made it easy for me."

In reality, the opening wasn't quite as simple as Diggs made it seem. In fact, the handsome star opened the show with a classy musical number that allowed him to kick things off with some Old Hollywood flair.

Throughout the night, Diggs did go out into the audience for some fun, unexpected comedy bits that allowed him to goof around with a few of the biggest A-listers in the crowd and show a more candid side to a few of the stars.

However, while he's proven himself to be a deft and charming host, Diggs admits that he has had a few critical blemishes in his past.

In honor of the Critics' Choice Awards, Diggs opened up to ET about some of the harshest criticism he's ever gotten, and it turns out it came from a random moviegoer back in 1999.

"I went to a [screening for a] movie called The House on Haunted Hill and there was one other [couple] in the audience," Diggs recalled, "and when the movie was done, the husband of the couple said, 'Hey, Good job man,"' and the wife said, 'Don't lie to him. Boo, Taye! Boo!'"

Well, you can't win them all! Diggs can take comfort in the fact that he's definitely not getting booed for his hosting work.

Check out the video below for more on this year's Critics' Choice Awards.



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