Taylor Swift Fans Really, Really Want a Christmas Album

Taylor Swift
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for RADIO.COM

Twitter is going crazy with more T.Swift conspiracy theories.

Let the storm of Taylor Swift conspiracy theories begin!

After Swifties the world over spent the early part of 2019 absolutely freaking out over cryptic clues and hints that they thought Swift was sharing via her social media regarding a new album, the fandom is at it once again.

This time, the theory seems to revolve around the idea that Swift is releasing a Christmas album just months after dropping her long-awaited album, Lover.

By scouring her tweets, Instagram posts and her various recent music videos, some die-hard (and extremely optimistic) fans have made it very clear that they not only think a Christmas album is coming, but that they really, really want it.

It seems the latest wave of theories was sparked when Swift returned from a trip to Japan and took to Instagram to share a selfie, which she captioned, "According to my jet lag it is one hundred o clock celsius."

While most of the world took this as a joke, some Swifties interpreted it as a secret coded message filled with hidden meaning just waiting to be deciphered.

"Taylor 'one hundred o'clock celcius.' 100 celcius is 212 Fahrenheit. 2/12 = 2nd December," one Twitter user said, reading quite a bit into Swift's caption.

The entire Swift Twitterverse went wild with equal parts random speculation and utter excitement.

Meanwhile, one fan tapped into a possibility that, even if a Christmas album wasn't on the way, it might be soon.

"I feel like Taylor’s gonna log in and see us losing our minds over a rumor and be like, 'Well s**t, guess I better go record a Christmas song real quick.'"

To the credit of Swift's fans, the singer did, in fact, share a number of cryptic clues to Instagram leading up to the release of her first single, "ME!," in April. So anything is possible (although that doesn't mean it's probable).

ET as reached out to Swift's reps for comment.