Taylor Swift Fans Think She May Have Revealed Name of Blake Lively's 3rd Child in New Song

Taylor Swift
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The actress' daughter, James, made a cameo on the singer's song, 'Gorgeous,' back in 2017.

Some Taylor Swift fans think one of her songs is a shout-out to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' youngest daughter, who was born last October

The A-list couple has yet to reveal their third child's name but a few Swifties are speculating as to whether Swift's song, "Betty," off her new album, Folklore, is in honor of the little one.

While the song itself is about the mistreatment of a girl named Betty, the only other two names mentioned in the song are Inez and James, which are the names of Lively and Reynolds' three and 5-year-old daughters. 

"You heard the rumors from Inez. You can't believe a word she says," Swift sings. 

In another line, she croons, "She said 'James, get in, let's drive.'"

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Could Lively and Reynolds' third daughter be named Betty? Here are a few fan reactions to the song:

This wouldn't be the first time Lively and Reynolds' family has been part of Swift's music. In 2017, James had a small cameo on the 30-year-old singer's track, "Gorgeous," off her Reputation album.