Taylor Swift Shares Songwriting Process in New 'Gorgeous' Video Diary -- Watch!

Behind the scenes on Taylor Swift's 'Gorgeous'

Home video clips offer an intimate look at how her hit song was born.

Pop stars are often maligned for their lack of songwriting chops, but Taylor Swift isn’t your run-of-the-mill singer and she’s not afraid to prove it!

The 27-year-old artist released a new behind-the-scenes video diary, detailing her work writing the hit single "Gorgeous" from her new album, Reputation, which drops on Nov.10. The 11-minute clip, released as part of her AT&T series, offers an intimate glimpse into Swift’s songwriting process.

Filmed mostly in her home studio, the footage follows Swift as she crafts the guitar and piano arrangements. The home video also shows her struggling to work out the lyrics at the beginning. Writing about personal heartbreak clearly can be tough stuff and at several moments, the GRAMMY winner seems at a loss for what to say.

At one point in the video, the automatic shades come down on the window behind her during a moment of intense concentration. A little spooked, Swift turns to the camera and exclaims, "Ghosts!" Things go much more smoothly after that and the second half of the vid features the lyric video for the full track. 

It’s rumored that the inspiration for the song and source of the much discussed gorgeousness is none other than new flame, Joe Alwyn.

The behind the scenes look at “Gorgeous” is part of “The Making of a Song” series that will be available on AT&T video platforms (DIRECTV NOW, DIRECTV, and U-verse) starting Nov. 13.

For more on Swift, watch the video below.