Taylor Swift Teases New Song 'Gorgeous' Dropping at Midnight -- Listen!

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift is releasing a new song.

The Reputation singer served up another three-panel Instagram post on Thursday, featuring a snippet of "Gorgeous" -- the third release off her upcoming album, along with an announcement that the full song will be available at midnight Eastern time.

While it's hard to really tell from the short bite where the song is going (note to pop artists: snippets are evil and we hate them), what can be heard is a baby voice saying the song's title, followed by a short arpeggiated progression that almost feels like a Bleachers/LCD Soundsystem (circa "Dance Yrself Clean") hybrid. Check it out below.

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Thematically, Swift again seems to unintentionally (or... come on, probably intentionally) bring frenemy Kanye West into the narrative. "Gorgeous" is the title of the second track on West's critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album, which was widely seen as saving his career after the infamous 2009 VMA mic-grabbing moment. Additionally, the child's voice in the teaser could be heard as referential to the preaching little girl that kicks off West's Life of Pablo album.

... Or maybe we're just too deep in the feud-shade conspiracy for our own good. Honestly, that's just as likely.

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Either way, we are clearly in the thick of a long-awaited Swift season and could not be more pumped! The only person who might be more excited is Swift's London superfan, whom the singer surprised at her home.

Watch the video below!

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