Teddi Mellencamp Will Be Featured on Season 11 of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

The 'RHOBH' alum may not be holding a diamond this season, but teased that she will be making an appearance on the show.

Teddi Mellencamp may not be holding a diamond on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she will be featured on the show. During a new episode of her podcast, Teddi Tea Pod, this week's guest and RHOBH star Kyle Richards revealed that she convinced Mellencamp to make an appearance for season 11 of the series.

"I mean, I had to drag you, but you did it," Richards shared.

"You'll have to see," Mellencamp teased.

"And that took some convincing, but whatever," Richards quipped.

"Lots of convincing, but I was there," the RHOBH alum added.

But that's not the only tea Richards spilled on the podcast. She also went on to detail a recent run-in with former castmate and former friend Lisa Vanderpump.

"I was with a producer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and he said hello to her and I did not for the first time," Richards recounted. "She left, and about 10 minutes after she had left, a bill was brought to our table and they said, 'The lady in the corner, Lisa, said for you to pay this.'" 

To add insult to injury, Richards claimed that Vanderpump also drew mustaches on and crossed out the faces of several RHOBH stars in a photo a fan was holding outside the restaurant.

"There's a man outside who always waits for people to sign photos and he always has Halloween posters and photos for me to sign and Housewives stuff," Richards explained. "He had a picture of the cast and asked Lisa [Vanderpump] to sign it because he already had Lisa Rinna's signature on it, and she put X's through our faces and a mustache on Lisa Rinna and me, which I know some people have said, 'Oh that's so funny,' but she ruined the photo for this guy who was collecting it."

Richards went on to share that the man allegedly told her that every time Vanderpump asks him who he's waiting for and he says Richards, she makes a rude comment.

Mellencamp not only slammed Vanderpump for allegedly leaving without paying the bill, but questioned why the restaurateur claims to be unbothered by the Housewives drama and then allegedly acts out against former and current cast members.

While Mellencamp thought it would be difficult to watch the premiere of the show, which aired last week, she admitted that it was a dream to watch as a viewer and not as a Housewife.

"This is kind of a dream, I don't have to receive any feedback, I'm just here watching," Mellencamp, who was let go from the show late last year, excitedly said. "It was the first time I haven't trended during Housewives for some jacked up things I've done, so that was refreshing."

Keep an eye out for Mellencamp and all the Housewives drama when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.



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