'Terminator: Dark Fate' Trailer Is Here and Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back

The highly anticipated sequel hits theaters on Nov. 1.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and James Cameron are together again!

On Thursday, Paramount Pictures released the first trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, and it's a reunion for the film franchise's original stars and filmmaker. Hamilton steps back into her role as the badass Sarah Connor, who teams up with Grace (Mackenzie Davis), a woman from the future who shows up in New Mexico and first appears much like Schwarzenegger's character did in the first movie. 

Directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller, Cameron wrote the story treatment for the sequel and was a producer on the film. After several action scenes, Sarah Connor knocks on the door of an old house, and the original Terminator (Schwarzenegger) appears with a salt-and-pepper beard.

"We’re back," Schwarzenegger, 71, tweeted along with the trailer, alluding to his iconic line "I'll be back."

The R-rated science fiction film hits theaters on Nov. 1. 

Last month, Hamilton revealed to ET how Cameron, her ex-husband, convinced her to return to the Terminator world. "You know, it was basically a phone call from James Cameron," the 62-year-old actress explained. "Well, he had to call me three times for me to call him back… But once he told me the idea and I actually sat and thought about it for six weeks... Did I want to go there again? But once I'm in, I'm in."