Terry Crews Plays Coy on Whether He's in the New 'Deadpool' -- But His Smile Says It All! (Exclusive)

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Come onnn, Terry Crews!

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star talked to ET's Kevin Frazier at the ICON MANN event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where we asked about the reports that he will appear in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Crews played coy -- but the smile on his face said it all!

"I'm not saying nothing yet," the 49-year-old actor said with a laugh. "I don't even know! I have no idea yet."

We're not even sure why he's so tight-lipped after eagle-eyed fans noted what really seems to be Crews' character standing next to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in the trailer that dropped earlier this month.

Check it out below.

Well, we'll just have to see when the Marvel movie premieres on May 18.

Meanwhile, Crews also talked to ET about working with Sterling K. Brown for an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

"Sterling, let me tell you... I am Sterling's biggest fan," Crews raved about theBlack Panther and This Is Us star. "I follow him around, the man is the actor extraordinaire ...He's absolutely amazing."

Beyond that, Crews continued to discuss Time's Up and the response to his own "Me Too" story last year.

"You know, I was ready to go out alone, to be honest. Because I was prepared for, you know, to be ostracized, just like women are," he explained. "And I've been shocked because I think it really woke a lot of people up to the fact that, 'Wow, if it can happen to Terry Crews, it can happen to all of us. Man, woman, child.' And I got a lot of support."

"When I look at the reason I did come out in the first place," he added, "it's because women weren't getting support. And that's the thing."

Watch below for more of what Crews has said about sexual harassment in Holywood.


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