Tessa Thompson Talks the Female Future of the Marvel Universe: 'The Women Rule Supreme' (Exclusive)

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When it comes to Time's Up and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tessa Thompson thinks "women rule supreme."

“I was so incredibly proud, because [harassment is] obviously something that affects all industries," the actress told ET about the support for Time's Up by artists at the GRAMMYs, saying that the white rose tribute was handled "beautifully".

"I was so proud of my sis Janelle Monae and the way she spoke. The truth is yes, we come in peace but we mean business," Thompson continued. "And that's the thing that's been incredible for me. And being one of the many women joining forces - and I get to look across the room to see all these incredible women that mean business and have always meant it - but now culturally there is a time and space for them to take that ownership and that power and really create systemic change in this business and across industries."

ET's Nischelle Turner caught up with the Time's Up leader and Thor: Ragnarok star at the World Premiere of Marvel's Black Panther, where the 34-year-old was supporting her Creed co-star Michael B. Jordan and director Ryan Coogler. This film marks Jordan and Coogler's third collaboration, after 2013's Fruitvale Station and 2015's Creed.

"You see them together, they're like long lost brothers,” Thompson explained about the close relationship between star and director. “You know the things you can say to each other when you're family. When you can find that in a collaborator, it means you're always digging for the truth and you don't have to wade through mincing words. You can just be there with each other and say we can do better you know and I think that's them."

After the film, Thompson shared her praise for the superhero movie, tweeting "BLACK PANTHER, my goodness," and sharing a photo of herself and the director from the red carpet, with the caption "All Hail King Coogler."

"I think with Creed - and I'm partial - but it really showed the emergence of such an important incredible filmmaker in the form of Ryan Coogler. So to get to see him take on this material, this epic material, is fantastic," she gushed.

According to Thompson, Black Panther is not only epic, but marks an "incredibly important" step forward in Hollywood.

“It's important for the culture. It's important to me. I think it's no mistake that folks like Snoop Dogg are here [at the premiere]," she shared. "It’s important culturally to us that we get to see representation [for people of color], that we get to see ourselves reflected on screen in this way, but also it’s just primed to be a fantastic movie. It's good for all of us and I think the fact it's been the most pre-sold movie in Marvel history speaks to the fact that it's not just for us, it's for everybody.”

Thompson also noted the way Black Panther and Marvel are celebrating the women in their cinematic universe, including the recently green-lit Black Widow spinoff.

“In this film, there are all these incredible women in the form of Angela Bassett and Lupita [Nyong'o] and Danai [Gurira]," she continued. "We're going to see Brie Larson and her stand alone with Dewanda Wise, who is also here tonight, doing Captain Marvel. We'll see what happens with [her own character] Valkyrie next, but yeah, the women rule supreme; they always have. But I think we'll see in the next phase [of Marvel films] that really translate on screen in a real way."

A historic night with the Black Panther cast wan't the only reason the night was memorable for Thompson. Check out the video for her epic run-in with Snoop Dogg, during ET's interview! 


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