Teyonah Parris Shares Video of Daughter's Home Birth, Welcomes First Child With Husband James

Teyonah Parris
The Walt Disney Company via Getty Images

'The Marvels' star shared an emotional post that reveals she welcomed her first child with her husband last month.

Teyonah Parris and her husband, James, are parents! On Monday, The Marvels star announced that she had given birth to the couple's daughter a month ago, sharing a video of the home birth to her Instagram page.

"What a friggin whirlwind. 😳 I have so much to say, but I'm too sleep deprived and delirious to really articulate it all how I want to, but what I will say is- God bless all yall parents out there," the actress began her caption. "Never in my life could I have imagined all that parenthood requires. It truly takes a village and my God I'm so grateful for the one we have. From coming by and holding the baby, calls to encourage us, sending thoughtful and helpful gifts and parenting hacks, to simply just being on the phone to listen to me cry at 3 in the morning. Thaaaank you a million times over!!!🙏🏾"

Parris shared that she and James began their pregnancy journey intending for a hospital birth but changed their plans "late in the game," which led them to their "amazing midwife" and "bomb doula and lactation consultant" whom the actress thanked profusely. "Everything truly happens for a reason and being at home was an incredible experience and opportunity for our whole family. I have so much I want to talk about as it pertains to our journey in how we landed at this decision and what it was like. So, more to come," she wrote.

After thanking their photographer for capturing the home birth, Parris took a moment to share her gratitude for her mother with her fans, writing, "And thank you to my Momma who came down and spent weeks with us helping us figure out up from down, left from right. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and in awe of you, Mom. And seeing you still taking care of me at my big grown age 😩🤣 (yall I'm talking rubbing my back and head as I cry in her lap cuz I don't know wtf I'm doing and who trusted me with a whole human!), to cooking for us, and being the daily in-home daycare so we could get more than 90mins of sleep at a time. I love you and appreciate you dearly!"

"And Thank yall, here on the Gram, for your encouragement and excitement throughout this pregnancy and for all of your well wishes," the actress said, sharing love for her followers. "Baby Girl and I are well and her Daddy has been holding us both down like no other. Hoping to share more as we go along, but judging how its taken me a month to get this post up 😩😩 who knows!! 🤣🤣Love yall and thank you!!"

Parris announced her pregnancy with the couple's first child back in September. The 35-year-old also took to Twitter for that moment, writing, "There have been so many feelings since we've learned that our dream of becoming parents is finally a reality. My husband, James, and I have felt a mix of shock, lots of nerves, but most of all so much excitement! Seeing the word PREGNANT was such an amazing feeling! We are so blessed and so grateful."

She also revealed how she surprised her husband with the news in a conversation with People, sharing that she made him a "little gift box and put the pregnancy test in there along with some other little first-time dad goodies."

"When he opened it and saw the test, and it was very clearly written, it said 'pregnant.' And he just started screaming, he was just very emotional and excited and we were crying and just really, really happy," she said.

"My husband and I came to that decision because we feel like it's one of the greatest gifts and surprises that God can give us," she added. "I think it's also helped to not have preconceived notions of our child and try not to dictate who this baby is before we even meet the baby. And so that's been really helpful."

Congratulations to the family of three!