'The Bachelor': Arie Says His Biggest Fear is 'Choosing the Wrong Person' as One Woman's Ex Shows Up


Arie Luyendyk Jr. is in a bit of a pickle.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is in a bit of a pickle!

Things got complicated on Monday's episode of The Bachelor, as Arie revealed his feelings for his final three women and said "I love you" to two of them. To be fair, he did say he was falling for Kendall -- but falling isn't actually there, and that's why she was sent home (sorry, girl). 

Arie pulling a Ben Higgins wasn't even the most dramatic thing to happen this week, as Becca's ex swam from the U.S. to Peru (not really, but he said he would have) to ask her to take him back. Here's what happened. 

The race car driver's first fantasy suite date was with Kendall, but as we mentioned, no "I love you" here. His second was with Lauren, who said she was in love with Arie because of their "unspoken connection" (because they literally never speak!!). Arie reciprocated Lauren's love confession with one of his own, and they headed off to the fantasy suite. 

Last but not least (well, kind of, because her fantasy suite was a tent in the middle of a desert), was Becca. During a romantic dinner under the stars, Becca asked Arie if he had any fears about the process, to which he replied, "Not right now. I feel pretty good," before admitting that he worried about choosing the wrong person in the end. The Scottsdale, Arizona, native, didn't seem worried that it might not be Becca, however, as he told Becca he was in love with her, and then told the camera on their date that "there's a part of me who wants to end this now and propose in the sand dunes." 

Things got interesting the next morning, as back at the hotel, Arie received a visit from Ross, Becca's ex-boyfriend -- and "f**king nerd," according to Arie -- who announced that he'd come all the way to Peru to win Becca back. "I know the show ends in a proposal, and for as long as I've thought about her, that's my proposal to give her," he told Arie. "I mean, she's the love of my life. I want to marry her." 

Ross then trotted to Becca's hotel room, where she promptly shut him down. "What we had wasn't healthy for so damn long," she insisted. "I can't go back to that, and I don't want to go back to that." Ross left, and Becca went to see Arie to make sure they were A-OK, but Arie had doubts. "My fear is that there's some love there," he said. "The timing couldn't be any worse." 

But it seems Arie's connection with Becca was greater than his fears, as at the rose ceremony, he pulled Kendall aside to let her know that their relationship was dunzo. 

On to next week, where we'll witness the most shocking finale in Bachelor history. The finale airs next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.